Friday, April 27, 2012

Monsters under the Bed and in the Closet by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

                           Monsters under the Bed and in the Closet by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

When a small child, no adult could immediately erase your fear or convince you that there were no monsters under the bed and/or hidden in your closet(s).

When Mom and/or Dad realized that such was a serious concern they set about helping you conquer those fears. Such may have consisted of them having searched under the bed and in the closet to show and convince you that monsters were not hidden there; they may have remained awake until after you fell asleep; read an extra bedtime story thus having enabled you to fall asleep before they left the room, left your bedroom door slightly ajar and/or left a light or lamp on in your bedroom.

As a child, it was reassuring having caring Parents who with patience took time to set about easing our fears of monsters under the bed, in the closet and elsewhere; such served as a blanket of security and protection until our fear(s) were conquered.  Thanks Dad and Mom for helping us feel secure and protected as we conquered our fear(s) of those monsters under beds and in closets.

Parents we can often get busy and/or preoccupied with the pressures of life and forget or disregard what it is like to be a child. You may attempt to brush off your child’s concerns or fears and in the case of monsters being under the child’s bed and in the closet tell the child there are no monsters, but to the child monsters are very real. Do not disregard or take your child’s fears lightly and leave the child to try and conquer his/her fear(s) alone.

The manner in which you handle those monsters under the bed and in the closet can set a pattern/example as to how your child will address and handle future fears in his/her life.

Note: The above Illustration is by Artist Niks.

A Public Announcement 
                                          Today, April 27, 2012 is National Arbor Day
As a former 4-H Leader, I have fond memories of having planted trees with students on this day. Why not plant a tree; if you do not care to plant one take your child/ren to a park and enjoy playing and sitting under a tree(s). For more information about Arbor Day; research it!
Note: The photo of a tree which accompanies the public announcement of Arbor Day is by P. Jarrod Barron.
Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder
Parents Taking Charge in Education

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