Friday, April 6, 2012

Keep Hope Alive in Your Child by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

                 Keep Hope Alive in Your Child by Mrs. Dorothy Barron           

Life is beset with difficult times, disappointments, failures, injustices, sorrows and regrets; such are part of life. Believe it or not; adversities can actually make one stronger. When confronted:

*      Assess the situation

*      Work through both the emotional and other aspects of the situation

*      Find solutions – make the best choice(s)

*      Include your child/ren – depending on age, his/her capabilities and circumstances explain, discuss and get their feedback; do not underestimate your child/ren’s level of perception)

*      Find a silver lining and understand  that the situation can and usually does get better

*      Do not give up hope, faith or belief in one’s self

Parents, you set the tone and example; you teach your child/ren valuable lessons through and by your actions. When you keep hope alive you encourage your child/ren to do the same. Do not dwell on adversity or adverse situations 24/7. Even if it is solely for the child/ren’s sake engage in something different for a brief moment; sometimes you can gain a different perspective by doing so. April is National Kite Month; make or purchase a kite and may I suggest you get your child/ren and Go Fly a Kite! I got mine for the inexpensive purchase price of $2.99. Keep hope alive in your child/ren.

Acknowledgement and thanks to Artist, Niks

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