Friday, April 20, 2012

When Competition and the Competitive World becomes too much by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

When Competition and the Competitive World becomes too much by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Does your child have a hobby? Has your child found something he/she truly enjoys and something at which he or she does very well? The questions are asked because 1) we live in such a competitive society; a society wherein one has to be the greatest and best in and at everything and 2) this continuous pressure to be the best can lead to some extreme adverse situations, conditions and behaviors of all involved.

Take for instance some television Reality Shows; with a number of these shows there can be only one winner, first, the best when in many cases there are clearly more than one winner. In many cases, the person(s) who decides the competitive winner or best may be biased, partial and/or his/her decision(s) flawed. Also, the one to three judges (usual number) attempt to speak for a large audience, which consists of people with different preferences and tastes.

Some of the greatest people in the world were not recognized for their talents, gifted skills and unique abilities by society or the world until long after they were dead; men and women who were Artists, Philosophers, Astronomers, Scientists, etc. In spite of not having received recognition while alive, some lived a fulfilled life while others a life of despair. I would like to think the difference in the two were 1) those who truly enjoyed and realized they were very good at what they did and 2) maintained belief in self and their self-worth and found ways to boost their self-confidence which provided stability to ride out the storms of doubt and moments of despair.

Society and the world are too fickle to put one’s ultimate trust, but if and when one does, have a hobby to sustain one. When competition and the competitive world become too much or too competitive for one; have a hobby. Hobbies can serve as escapes, retreats and continue to be the basis and stepping stone for productive and great opportunities. Our world is broad with a bigger scope and it constantly shifts. I foresee individuals who truly enjoy that which he/she does and does very well being more productive in this large and shifting world.

Parents assist with molding, shaping and nurturing your child, but do not attempt to make a carbon copy of yourself; allow your child to be the unique person he/she was meant to be. Sometimes the discovery of their unique qualities, talents or abilities can begin with a hobby. Does your child have a hobby?

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education

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