Friday, August 31, 2012

Making Life less Stressful in the Kitchen by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

                          Making Life less Stressful in the Kitchen by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Sometimes Parents feel guilty when pulling up more often at a fast food drive-through rather than preparing meals at home. Many Parents no longer have time to prepare time consuming home cooked meals; however, many enjoy sitting down to a delicious home-cooked nutritious meal prepared by someone else or themselves when they have time. Many turn to their favorite restaurants and/or grocery delis, many of which have become more accommodating to consumers’ needs and desires. Most prepared foods cost more than foods not prepared and may for some be out of your budget. So how do you still get or prepare nutritious meals which appear as if you have put a lot of time and effort in preparation and make life less stressful?

      We offer for your consideration 3 Ways to make life less Stressful   in the kitchen:

·         Add to the Fast Food Meal:

Prepare at home in advance side dishes such as Cole slaw; or purchase mini-ears of corn – items that can quickly be prepared and/or served with no hassle and still provide a well-balanced meal.

·         Add to Purchased Ingredients                                                                                                                
When shopping and you find food items that are no more expensive than those not prepared and/or are on sale, purchase the food item(s) and add extra ingredients to increase the amount. For example: a purchased Rotisserie chicken - deboned and chopped with other chopped ingredients such as boiled eggs, onions, celery mixed with salad dressing or mayo and a pinch of dried herbs and spices thrown in nets a large bowl of homemade chicken salad. Serve on a bed of lettuce with steamed baby carrots or carrot sticks and ½ - 1 oz. of your favorite multi-grain chips. 

·         One-Dish Meals or Casseroles                                                                                                                  
One wonderful thing about a one –dish meal (name both defines and describes) is the one dish contains the meal. My favorites ranging from easy to time consuming are Quiche and Chicken Pot Pie. Since we are talking about less-time consuming meals, we had best stick with the Quiche. The wonderful thing about a quiche is that it can be prepared and served as a breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner dish; it is also very simple to prepare. Most of your food groups can be added to this one dish: grain (bread crust); diary (eggs, milk and cheese), Meats (finely chopped or sliced meats such as sausage, pepperoni, bacon, etc.); and any type chopped vegetables (onions, peppers, celery, mushrooms, chives). Serve the quiche with a fresh slice of fruit or fruit cup; your favorite beverage (milk, lemonade, or a cold brewed glass of herbal tea) and if serving for lunch or dinner, add at green salad. You have both a beautiful and nutritious meal.

At a later date, I will share a third way for making life less stressful in the kitchen; it is perhaps my favorite!

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education

Friday, August 24, 2012

Giving your child a sense of Self-Worth by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

                             Giving your child a sense of Self-Worth by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Parents, by the time your child is at third grade level (for many during first grade), he or she is acutely aware of his/her worth within society. Schools can be viewed as a community, system and mini-society. Each consists of a chief ruler(s), subordinates, law, a hierarchy and a population. Within this population or mini-society your child’s worth is determined through words, actions and the attitudes of others. Not only does the teacher and classroom give your child a sense of his/her self-worth, so does the entire school (mini-society).

Our schools give children a lot more than an education; therefore, as a Parent, it is up to you to give your child a sense of self-worth; a sense of belonging; a sense of who he/she is, a sense of values as determined by those things which you demonstrate as important through your actions. 

Parents, you want to build your child’s self-worth by ensuring your child feel loved, special, needed, important and appreciated. Such can be accomplished in small ways and cost little to nothing, yet, garner huge benefits. We have listed 5 Ways for your consideration, here:

1.       Make and take time to tuck your child in bed or tuck the covers around the bed (for the child who considers him/herself too old to be tucked in); say, “I love you.”

2.       Stop and really listen to your child. As Parents we can sometimes be guilty of listening to our child with one ear and tuning the child out with the other especially when there are a million things that need our attention; inattentiveness may signal to your child that he/she is not important and if not important enough to garner your attention, perhaps no one else’s.

3.       Talk to your child and do not discount his/her feelings. We often ensure that our child’s material needs are met, do not overlook your child’s emotional needs.

4.       Allow your child to assist with chores or jobs that are considered “adult chores/jobs” (with adult supervision to begin with and as applicable). Such may be writing checks for monthly bills (provided you, the adult sign the checks) and balancing the checkbook. Stress your need for his/her assistance and the importance of the chore/job. Such also allows the child to demonstrate his/her skills and talents. As applicable, remain present and attentive!

5.       Most people like and appreciate surprises and/or gifts; they signify to the receiver that he/she is important or special.  Fix a special snack for your child/ren and serve the snack to them in individual serving containers – as your child puts in hours completing homework , relaxing and watching his/her favorite television program or engaged in his/her favorite computer activity.

Years from now, it will be the little things the child remembers and of which he/she reminisces!

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education

Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting your School and Staff ready and off to a good School Year by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Getting your School and Staff ready and off to a good School Year by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

More than likely School Administrators, you have had your preliminary meetings with school faculty and all is in order.  Parents and other visitors may not know the amount of time and work that went into your pre-year planning, but there are certain things they will notice and take note without many ever making a public comment to you; simply things that for them are a reflection of you; your leadership; staff and school in general. To name a few:

·        A clean school building

·        Beautiful and decorative bulletin boards throughout the school

·        Orderliness

·        A professional looking staff with like demeanor

·        A pleasant staff – especially office staff

In addition, School Principals or Chief School Administrators, there are three things that generally occur with those of you who operate top-notch schools – Clues: One; is done to insure that Parents feel Important and two, are provided to Parents. Principals and Chief School Administrators, can you list those three things? If so, e-mail me at .

·        ___________________________________________________

·        _____________________________________________________

·        _____________________________________________________

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education

Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to School – Dressing for Success in the Classroom by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Back to School – Dressing for Success in the Classroom by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Getting children ready to go back to school can be a costly process, but does not necessarily have to be. There are some items that students must have; if your child is not required to wear a school uniform, today’s blog post is for your consideration.

Clothes can assist with self-esteem and send a message to others about your child and you, the Parent. Looking good and feeling good about one’s self provides a great boost to one’s self-esteem. For many Parents, the budget is tight – to non-existent, but such does not mean you cannot dress your child for success in the classroom. For boys, such does not take much – a nice clean shirt, pants, clean tennis shoes and they’re ready to go. Young ladies have a tendency to want to look their best and often the newest fads can be costly.  Consider the following:

Get Creative!

·         Check store ads for sales and bargains – stores compete for back to school business and Parents; such can be an advantage to you and your child.

·         Check out Craft and Thrift Stores –

o   Purchase unadorned items which may be less expensive and accessorize with items from a craft store. Assist or allow your child to create or stamp his/her own mark and/or design of Individualism (self-expression); such can be applied on clothing, shoes, school items and etc.

o   Drag out that sewing machine and those knitting and crocheting needles and have some fun while being savvy and thrifty; you can assist your child with being an individualist. Engaging in these endeavors may also reduce stress for both you and your child.

Most importantly, insure your child’s clothing are well-cared for and presentable-the use of an iron or fabric softener to remove wrinkles can make a big difference in the presentation of clothing. Sometimes, it is the small things we do that send the greatest message(s).

Illustrator Credit: Niks

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education

Friday, August 3, 2012

Diamonds or Children – which are more important? By Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Diamonds or Children; which are more important and most important to a society?

                                                         Let us juxtapose the two:

Highly valued
Expensive to care for
Insurance to none
Highly valued by society
High to no value by society
Highly care for
High to no care
Safeguarded and protected
Affluent – dilapidation - homeless
“A girl’s best friend”
Brings wealth primarily to owner
Creates/provides wealth to a society
Placed in the best environment
Placed in safe  to perilous environments
Hard stones
Pliable human beings
Can exist for centuries
Life expectancy of less than 100 years
Comes in various colors, shapes & sizes
Born in various colors, shapes & sizes

 Children are the most important and precious resource to a society. If we are wise, we realize such, now; if not, but live long enough we will realize such, then.

Public Service Announcement:

                                       Preparing for Back to School - Sales Tax Holiday!

Parents Taking Charge in Education thanks for informing and reminding us of the 2012 Sales Tax Holiday, which for many states occur during August. On certain days, states allow the purchase of certain items up to a certain amount in which taxes are not charged and may help you save while outfitting and getting your child/ren ready for school. More information about individual states can be found at this link: , courtesy of

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For the above Diamond and Backdrop Illustration:

Credit for Picture of Diamonds above: Illustrator, Niks

Background setting for Diamonds above: Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education