Friday, May 4, 2012

Ending the Academic School Year- how did you do? By Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Ending the Academic School Year- how did you do? By Mrs. Dorothy Barron

As another school year winds down, the question often posed to a child is how did you do? It usually has reference to the child’s academic performance for the school year. On today, we want to pose the question to Parents; Parents, how did you do this academic school year? A twelve (12) point checklist has been provided for you; check those which you have utilized this school year.

1.       ___ Checked or reviewed and/or took an interest in my child’s homework

2.       ___ Kept abreast of my child’s academic performance

3.       ___ Planned and provided some outside school learning experiences that were also enjoyable

4.       ___ Visited my child’s school during the school day

5.       ___ Held at least one Parent-School Conference

6.       ___  Provided some value and character building exercises for my child

7.       ___ Set  positive examples

8.       ___Encouraged my child

9.       ___ Did something special for my child

10.   ___ Assisted child with preparation for the school day (clothes, breakfast, packed school lunches, books and homework, etc.)

11.   ___ Listened to my child talk about his/her school day and/or concerns

12.   ___ Have and continue to show /tell my child that he/she is important as well as “I love you.”

How many of the twelve points did you check from the above list? Incorporating the above can assist you with building Positive Parenting Skills and make a positive difference in your child’s life and education.

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education

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