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The Awesome Task of Raising Children by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

               The Awesome Task of Raising Children by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Raising children is an awesome task even with the assistance of others; it consists of physical, emotional and financial challenges and often consists of a juggling act. A large part of your child’s day is spent at school and at least one-half or more is spent outside the school in your care and as your responsibility.

Often Parents are labeled as being good or bad Parents, such is not perhaps the best terms for describing parents and their parenting skills and styles; they are too extreme, broad and nebulous.  We prefer to use the terms effective and ineffective parenting. There are various Parenting styles and on today we want to look at five and provide a brief overview of each.

·         Effective Parenting - encompass Parents who are well-grounded, responsible, steadfast, but flexible as necessary; they set positive examples through both words and actions and find ways to spend quality and quantity time with their child/ren.

·         Strict, Stern Disciplinarian – this Parenting style revolves around rules and discipline. The Parent can be over-demanding and inflexible. Much of this type parenting style has been handed down from generation to generation and sometimes do not take in consideration the individual needs of the child/ren.

·         Popular - most Parents want their children to not only love them, but like them and think of them as “cool” Parents. However, the popular Parent can go to the extreme and failing at times to exercise good judgment, because being liked and winning their child’s and/or their child’s friend(s) approval are more important.

·         Vacillating - this parenting style is much like the newest fad; here today and gone tomorrow. The vacillating Parent can become easily sidetracked changing parenting styles depending on the most popular or “in” parenting trend.  Often the child does not know what to expect on a regular basis.

·         Ineffective Parenting – life’s situations and/or circumstances overwhelm this Parent to the extent that it seriously impedes or prevents the Parent(s) from effectively parenting his/her child/ren.

This post is not written to judge; we are all in this together.  We encourage Parents to check his/her parenting style; set a foundation; rules and expectations; be a positive example for your child/ren and realize that each child is different and take such into consideration. It is important to tell your child you love him/her, but equally important to show them in ways that they understand.

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education

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