Friday, July 29, 2011

Positive Parents and Parenting by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Positive Parents and Parenting by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

If you are a Parent or serve in the role as a Parent, then you can attest to the fact that there are both challenges and joys of being a Parent and parenting. You get to be the adult and the children have to mind you for a change (I can imagine smiles, chuckles and laughs).

You also wear many hats and assume many roles; thank each and every one of you for all you do.

The key to being positive Parents and parenting is to glean from the experiences of others; but do not become totally consumed and overwhelmed with information and from the dictates of others. After all, each child is different and unique. Also, remember that at one time, parenting was new experience for each and every parent.

Observation, common sense, logic and your own personal experiences are your greatest assets. You will make mistakes and more mistakes. Learn to laugh at yourself and with your child/ren. Take it in strides. Remember those things you said, you would never do and/ or things you would change  when you became a parent; guess what? Here’s your chance!

Reflect over the past years, you have a host of your own unique experiences to draw from. Why do you think most grandparents seem to have the answers and solutions? At some point in time you too will be able to look back and be glad you gave it your best.

Last week, it was suggested that you do something special for your child. This week do something special for yourself. Have a great weekend!

Photo courtesy and permission of Mr. Patrick Barron

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education


Friday, July 22, 2011

Raising the Bar and Getting Back to Things that Matter Most by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Raising the Bar and Getting Back to Things that Matter Most by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

A healthy nation which includes morals, integrity and for many spiritual values can ensure that a nation become a wealthy and prosperous one. Many of us are aware of the adage, “a better world begins with me” and so it does.

Sometimes, it is best to forget what others are or are not doing and concentrate on self- your words, thoughts and actions. YOU, be the example, set the tone, and/or “brighten the corner of the world where you are.”

The most powerful nucleus in society is the family; it is from this small body or unit that societies emerge and develop. Families procreate; individuals with various talents and abilities are born and so are leaders.

If we want a better world for ourselves, our children and succeeding generations let it begin with each of us. If you are a Positive Parent, let it show by your example. How do you speak to your child or treat your child when there is no audience present? What have you done for your child that interests the child and most importantly, have you told your child on today, “I love you?”  Now, go do something positive and unexpected for the child to show and reinforce the fact that you think he/she is very important; such need not be an expensive endeavor.

Parents, your taking time to serve your child his/her favorite dessert
unexpectedly in individual decorative  dessert bowls can be a way
to show your child that he/she is special. Besides, we all like to be
served by someone else once in a while.

Colorful (inexpensive)  dessert ware (bowls &matching spoons) can
make all the difference.
Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder
Parents Taking Charge in Education


Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education

Friday, July 15, 2011

Turning Failing Schools Around by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Turning Failing Schools Around by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

As many of you are aware, the primary objective of Parents Taking Charge in Education is to assist Parents with becoming informed and knowledgeable about the Education process and involved in their children’s education and/or schools.

Another of Parents Taking Charge in Education objectives is to assist various sectors that serve Parents of children in Grades K-7th, one of which are Educators. As all of us work to educate our young people, it is going to be important that we realize that Educators must have those needed and recommended resources in order to do an effective job; if they do not, then we are all wasting our time.

I will briefly offer three recommendations that I would  implement which I feel are instrumental in turning failing schools around; failing schools would also include those school which may not at this point be considered failing, but are not conducive to the needs of 21 Century students and the future.

I. Each elementary school would have both a principal and Vice-Principal; each with distinct job descriptions.

II. Elementary Schools would revert back to K-7th Grades, with buildings designed to separate the two levels (elementary and those grades which encompass middle school).

III. Each elementary school would be structurally designed for the needs of youth, appealing and attractive within and without. Such could afford students a more positive environment for learning and the opportunity to become more creative in their approach to learning. The technology within should not only be equipped for the new millennium - 21 Century and above, but safety and non-overexposure to youth and environment should be major factors.

Some reasons for the above recommendations; the above

1.       Can save resources

2.       Provide stability and security; much of what are missing in the lives of many young people

3.       Can allow a longer period of relationship building between Parents and Educators

4.       Can prevent many Parents from over-extending (some Parents have children in different schools and at all three levels- elementary, middle and high school) and not as available as some would wish to be

Should any Parent or Educator wish to engage further on this subject with Mrs. Barron, please contact her via her e-mail address at . She will respond to your e-mail.

Mrs. Barron has been instrumental in implementing and bringing about positive changes inside schools at both elementary and middle school levels, as well as having written and implemented a plan which curtailed student behavior problems by 95-97% at middle school level.

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author & Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education

Friday, July 8, 2011

You Forgot You Had a Child? By Mrs. Dorothy Barron

You Forgot you had a Child? By Mrs. Dorothy Barron

You forgot you had a child; believe it or not, it happens to many of us at some point in time and more often than some may think or believe. You forget to pick the child up from school, rehearsal or a friend’s house at the appointed or scheduled time. When you realize you have a child waiting, you call, make alternative arrangements and/or pick up the child. For most, this brief lapse does not result in serious consequences.

I, too, have had one or two of those lapses, but the biggest and most serious one occurred about seven to eight months after our first child was born. It was a beautiful sun-filled Spring day; it was not too cool or hot. I decided to get out and go shopping. I had gotten my husband off to work; our little one was tucked away fast asleep and possibly the only way I can explain walking out the door without him.

I got dressed, grabbed the keys, opened the door, stepped through and turned to shut and lock the door when suddenly I thought, the BABY! From the time I decided to go shopping to the moment I begin to pull the door closed after me, I had simply forgotten my little one. I simply stepped back inside, shaken; shopping was definitely going to have to occur another day. I was extremely thankful that I had not actually left or was out and about in the stores. I most likely would have wrecked everything in sight in a state of panic to get home. Can you imagine being actually in a store clothed in store merchandise when the realization strikes that your infant is at home, alone?

Had something drastically happened to our child, can you imagine public censor and the outcry of my having forgotten I had a child? Who would have believed it or me? We know that sometimes willful and intentional neglect of and harm to children occur by some adults. Sometimes, horrible mistakes and accidents happen and when such does occur, how do you punish a Parent(s) that has already condemned him/herself and will spend a great portion, if not the rest of his/her life agonizing, blaming and punishing self? Most Parents try to do the best they can with what means they have. If you have a child, you are cognizant that it is not humanly possible to watch the child twenty-four hours a day, each and every day.

For a Parent(s) who has lost a child (through death or the child is missing) or those who have found themselves imprisoned as a result of some horrible mistake or accident that led to the death of your child, my condolences. It may help to write your story, also sharing and recalling the wonderful memories of and experiences with your child. Such will give you a purpose, hopefully and eventually some measure of peace and such may even benefit others.

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author & Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education

Friday, July 1, 2011

Never Underestimate this Person by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Never Underestimate this Person by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

When faced with any number of situations, this person copes and resolves problems skillfully and with aplomb. This person has become so adept and efficient that all tasks appear natural and effortless. This person is one of the most valuable persons in society, yet most often undervalued by society and even though taken for granted often, this person should never be underestimated. Who is this Person? This person wears the name and title of Mother, Momma or Mom.

It is difficult to trick or deceive Mom; she is adept at looking below the surface and getting to the heart of a matter. Similar to a book that has been well- read and handled, over a period of time, Mom develops the ability to “read you like one.” She sees and understands more than you give her credit for or will ever know.

When Mom really gets “riled,” she can clear a room faster than someone yelling “fire;” in fact Mom is that “Fire.” If Momma is a praying woman, expect change; if she is a godly woman, it is just a matter of time before change occurs.

She may not have a professional degree, but she possesses so many different skills and is so versatile that she, as well as her skills cannot be summarily dismissed or ignored, if, or should she transition from the home into the workplace. Let me share just a few of the abilities and skills which many Moms or Mothers possess who remain in the home as full-time Care-givers or Homemakers:

A- Accountant, Aids various causes

B- Bookkeeper, Banker, Business Woman

C- Chef, Chauffeur, Cook, Care-giver

D- Doctor, Dentist, Disciplinarian, Decorator, Detective

E- Effective, Efficient, Eyes in the back of her head

F- Family-oriented, Fearless

G- Gives Life and prevents life

H- HELPER, Homemaker

I- Influencer (many cater to her and follow her lead), Inventor, Investigator

J- Judge, Jury

K- Knowledgeable on a number of various subjects

L- Leader

M- Mother, Motivator, Multi-tasks

N- Nurturer, Nurse, Negotiator

O- Overseer

P- Protector, Practitioner, Pioneer, Private-eye

Q- Queen of her Domain or Domicile

R- Resilient, Researcher

S- Skilled at many tasks, Strong, Social Worker, Strategist

T- Teacher, Team Captain, Team Leader

U- Uniquely created

V- Versatile

W- Woman, Wife, Warrior, Warden, Wise

X- X-ray Vision (Superman’s Clark Kent has nothing on Mother!)

Y- Your Champion

Z- Zealous of your Success

It is not surprising that Mother can skillfully assimilate within the workforce upon leaving the home; in fact, many rise to the challenges of and top eschelon within the workplace and business world.

Some Mothers or Moms, although very capable may not have held a job outside the home; some remain primarily in the home sacrificing career to devote and perform the noble work of caring for a family and home, full-time. Many of these Mothers understand the ramification of “training up a child” and the prognostic adage - “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” (ascribed to Abraham Lincoln).

Never underestimate this person, Mother, and/or assume she has no skills or worthy abilities outside caring for her home; for those who mistakenly do, you had best rethink your position!

Note: We are cognizant of the fact that some Fathers have left careers to become full-time Care-givers in/of the home and family.

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author & Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education