Friday, April 26, 2013

TIRED, BUSY AND OVERWHELMED - Help! By Mrs. Dorothy Barron

          TIRED, BUSY AND OVERWHELMED; Help! By Mrs. Dorothy Barron

I am a tired, busy and overwhelmed Parent – How can I or we:

Ø  Best involve my or ourselves as a Parent(s) in our child/ren’s Education and make it count?

First, may I commend you for realizing the need and wanting to become an involved Parent(s) in your child/ren’s Education.

·         What is available in terms of your involvement; what are your child school’s needs?

·         What are your strengths and what can you offer in the way of involvement?

·         Do not leave your child’s total education up to Educators. As Parents offer and make suggestions from a Parent’s perspective.

Ø  Stay abreast of that which occurs with your child in Education and his/her school?

·         Organization is the key!

·         Make lists, schedules and go to Parent-Teacher Conferences. School conferences have been designed for Parents to interact with Teachers and Educators.

·         Visit the school at least occasionally; you should check out your child’s environment.

·         There is such a thing as Formal and informal education; know and understand the difference.

Ø  Make a difference in my child’s Education?

·         Determine where you want to make a difference; whether in your child’s informal or formal education, which needs your focus? Insure that your child receives both.

·         Decide how involved you want to be; there are various levels which Parents Taking Charge in Education has discussed previously and which consist of 4 levels.

Ø  Make Parenting easier in order to accomplish the above?

·         What can you live without and/or change with ease? Make a list of those things that are necessary; those important to you and the household and then those which you and/or the family want; then “Prioritize!”

·         List things that you feel are necessary both from you perspective and your child’s; Parents such can be different.

·         Set some limits; give your child/ren some responsibilities and hold them accountable.

·         You set the example, because they will be watching and more than often mimicking you or rather your actions.

De-stress; take some deep breaths; get your favorite soothing beverage and pen and paper – move away from the computer if situated in front of it. You will be tempted to put this down on the computer which may be quicker, but distracting and can lead to your feeling overwhelmed again.  After you have placed your responses to the above in writing on a pad computerize your notes if such is more comfortable and of ease for you.

Finally, relax and enjoy being a Parent. Parenting is not an easy job, but often some make it more difficult than necessary.  The key can be summed up in three words; “keep it simple.” Start in the manner you wish to continue; it also helps to put self in your child’s place and consider the question; if the child, how would I have liked my Parents to have dealt with this situation? Include the important things in life which do not consist solely of the amount of that which you can give your child/ren from a financial or materialistic standpoint.  When all is said and done, will your child/ren remember you and the things you taught them or mostly the material stuff you gave them?

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education


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