Friday, April 19, 2013

Life is too short – Enjoy it! By Mrs. Dorothy Barron

                       Life is too short – Enjoy it! By Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Summer is just around the corner and for many students such entails approximately 2 or so months out of school, but not necessary away from learning experiences. For those schools and students who have gone to a year round school system, may I suggest Parents monitor the process to ensure that such is beneficial and effective for your child as opposed to detrimental?

For students who are out of school, Parents consider allowing your child/ren to engage in activities that are relaxing and not as stringent or regimented; those that interest the child and even some new activities (with Parental consent); life is too short - enjoy it! It is possible to have fun while learning; we can learn from that which we hear, see and experience and it does not have to come from a formal academic learning environment. During the summer break from school consider the following four (4) reasons for allowing your child to engage in less stringent; new activities and/or those which interest your child:

Ø  The mind often functions best after a period of change and rest

Ø  Young children are not adults; care should be taken of one’s expectations of a child and the child level(s) of capability.

Ø  The lack of being a child when a child can pose problems later in life; such can lead to immaturity and the adult trying to recapture his/her childhood. Once childhood is missed one cannot relive one’s childhood. Some missed occasions may be experienced, but not one’s entire childhood.

Ø  Engaging in activities one enjoys can relieve stress to the body.

Parents do not allow the varied and various requirements in Education to place you in panic mode and you become overly concerned about your child’s formal academic schooling and/or cause you to overlook other important needs of your child/ren. Monitor your child’s activities; be there for your child and insure that your child’s life is well-balanced in all aspects. Your child may even surprise you with that which he/she knows; can accomplish and/or learn on his/her own. As a child, I enjoyed reading and spent my entire Summers reading books; the difference – out of school during Summer, I chose books I wanted to read and those enjoyed as opposed to regular school session; during which, most books were provided and required reading.

Parents; there is a time and place for all things- a time for a child to buckle down and engage in formal academic and regimented learning and a time for the child to be carefree; enjoying life as a child; exploring and engaging in activities which the child enjoys (with your consent). Life is too short – enjoy it!

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education



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