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Spending More Time with Your Children by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

             Spending More Time with Your Children by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

I am always elated to hear or read of experiences whereas Parents have taken time to engage and spend time with their children. Such are necessary and these experiences if missed cannot be recaptured.

Often when the children are small time seems awfully long and many years before they become young adults exiting the home and on their own.  However, if you ask Parents, many will tell you that it seemed only yesterday that their children were young; the years passed awfully fast and they grew up in “no time” or “too soon.”

In talking with baby boomers, I have been surprised to hear a number of them as they reminisce speak of their greatest regret being not having spent enough time with their kids when the kids were growing up.  In a number of instances it is not that the children (now adults) do not care or care to spend time with their aging Parents; they simply learned to function as children without the Parent’s presence and such became a pattern. The roles of Parent – child has now reversed itself.  Now, that some baby boomers have time on their hands and are more aware of the importance of family and family gatherings, their children are now wage earners and a good number forgo spending time with family in an effort to earn or work at a living. In fact you may have adopted your Parent(s)’ work habit(s).  Distance is also a major factor as to why many families are not able to get together as often as they would prefer.

Parents, it is important to remember that

·         You are your child’s first and on-going teacher

·         You set the example; consciously and unconsciously

·         Your actions in spite of what you say reveal those things that are utmost important

Whether you have noticed or not; there appears within our society to be a shift with Parents; many are electing to 1) forgo jobs that do not allow them to spend enough quality time with their children and 2) Parents are becoming self-employed and entrepreneurs in an effort among others things to provide themselves with a more flexible schedule. Many Parents are determining that which they are good at and marketing their own skills, talents and abilities.

Remember Parents; “no one is going to do for you what you should be doing for your own child” (Mrs. Dorothy Barron).

Finally, we have added a link here to Parents Taking Charge in Education’s Channel on YouTube. The video’s title is “A Checklist for Parents – How did you do? By Mrs. Dorothy Barron; check it out -


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