Friday, April 5, 2013

BUSINESSES and Year Round Schooling for Students by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

BUSINESSES and Year Round Schooling for Students by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Business Owners and Leaders; what were your thoughts if any on last week when Parents Taking Charge in Education’s blog Article and video, Year Round Schooling for Students – As a Parent should I be concerned  was posted? Did the blimp on your mental radar screen signal that you should have taken note or did you think or say, this doesn’t affect me? If you are a Business Owner or Leader and did not think last week’s article affected you; I beg to differ.

Perhaps, you are asking, what is the connection between Businesses and Year Round Schooling for Students? According to those who have/are implementing year round schooling, shorter breaks are to occur for one or two weeks at a time periodically throughout the year as opposed to the one traditional School Summer break of approximately 2 months. A number of Parents select their jobs; work availability, vacation time, etc. around their children’s school schedules, especially summer break which occurs at the same time and during the same period for most school systems across the nation.

How will year round schooling for students affect your business should your employees - some of whom are Parents incur problems with the care of their children during mini- school breaks? We are not stating that such will, but there is a possibility that such can and if so, how will such affect and effect your workforce and business; to what extent and what is your plan of action? Will you lose some of your work force and/or best employees? How will such affect your business if your company operates in various geographical regions?

                Students being in school year round can affect a number of businesses in one way or another; that which may be obvious is that supply and demand most likely will increase with year round schooling.  On the other hand businesses may have to deal with the aforementioned questions, which may necessitate reviewing, studying, obtaining feedback (uttermost from those directly affected) and formulating a plan of action. It might not be a wise idea to wait until problems begin and begin to adversely affect both your employees and business. From where I sit, I continue to see a shift in the traditional workforce inside companies in which a number of Parents (not totally limited to Parents) are leaving in an effort to begin spending more time with children, family and/or other pursuits. Will or is this shift beginning to adversely affect your business; if so, have you considered the implementation of at least two very important actions that may be necessary and in which you and your business should be engaged?

Business Owners and Leaders stay abreast of that which occurs in Education; it affects you and your business. You can impact it and those within!

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education


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