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Checklist of 12 Questions for Your Consideration about Year Round Schooling

Checklist of 12 Questions for Your Consideration about Year Round Schooling by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Often he or she who fulfills the need (s) of a person wins the heart, respect and often loyalty of that person (Mrs. Dorothy Barron).

My child will be going to school year round; as a Parent should I be concerned? As more and more schools move to year round schooling many Parents have expressed concerns? As a parent do you know what such entails for your child/ren and those involved?

As Parents, you have the job and responsibility of being vigilant and discerning; do not allow your role as a Parent to be usurped. Following is a checklist of 12 questions that have been compiled for your consideration about year round schooling.

Checklist of 12 Questions to Consider Asking about Year Round Schooling:

1.       What does year round schooling entail; how is my child’s present academic performance and disposition (from a psychological, physical and emotional standpoint)?

2.       Does my child like school; how does my child’s feel about such; what are his/her thoughts, concerns, etc.?

3.       What are the pros and cons; are they valid and foremost, in the best interest of my child?

4.       How do Educators feel about year round schooling for students? Will schools lose more of their best teachers as a result of year round schooling?

5.       Will students and teachers suffer emotional exhaustion and burn-out?

6.       Will such result with others having more control over my child and thus weakening and undermining my authority as a Parent and eventually reducing it until I have none at all?

7.       Most schools are struggling now (financially and otherwise); what are the expectations from a positive standpoint of students going year round to school?

8.       When one now views the state of Education and schools, what positive changes are expected with year round schooling?

9.       Will I as a Parent have control over who will be instructing my child and/or the instructions?

10.   Will my child and I even have a choice(s) should such prove to be too much, not effective for my child and his/her wellbeing?

11.   What about Educators; will such create more burdens for them? With more talk of teacher training, evaluations, etc., where and how are Educators going to find time to accomplish such and teach school year round?

12.   Who made the decision to implement year round schooling and who will be responsible for monitoring its effect?

From my experience of 16 years in our schools and the Education Arena in general, I think parents should be very concerned about schools going to year round schooling.  My position is that children need the 2 or so months of school summer break to relax the mind; dream; think, wonder, experiment, create and at times simply spend time alone. At times, simply knowing the school summer break was forthcoming allowed many students to get through the remaining school year. Educators need this time to relax the mind; refresh, regroup and plan for the next year.
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An Activity for Parents:

Parents get pen and paper and make a list of pros and cons on this issue and then you, decide.

Parents, Educators; what are your thoughts or position on the subject of year round schooling?

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education



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