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Bullying Series Pt. 4- Teaching Children the Effects of Bullying by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Bullying Series Pt. 4- Teaching Children the Effects of Bullying by Mrs. Dorothy Barron
On today, at Parents Taking Charge in Education Blog, we want to conclude our Part 4 Series on Bullying with the topic, Teaching Children the Effects of Bullying as we wrap up the month of October which has been designated as National Bullying (Awareness) Month and our topics dedicated to Cyber Bullying and Bullying in general.
 Bullying and cruelty are so prevalent among and within our adult society that it may be difficult for many children to understand that these are negative and abusive behaviors and not acceptable behaviors to exemplify or emulate.  
Sometimes Parents and others automatically assume that children understand a matter when they really do not. So often they mimic the behavior of adults and their peers.  Children are the products of that which they hear, see and are introduced to within their environment and society, whether private or public.  In other words, they “do as they see and not (necessarily) as told.” It is important that children gain an understanding of that which constitutes Bullying in order to fully understand the effects of bullying.
As a Children’s/ Young Adults Book Reviewer, I have had the pleasure of reading the works of some fantastic authors and on today, I would like to introduce you to Author; Elaine Marlier, who has written an Animal Series titled, Without a Home…. The three books (titles below) that I have had the pleasure of reading and reviewing may be that which you may want to consider as a resource to utilize for helping children understand Bullying and the effects of bullying. Author Marlier’s books are comprised of heartfelt and appealing stories about dogs, cats and smaller animals and their adoptions and have been brought to your attention in today’s post as a possible resource on the subject of Bullying. The stories in her books:
·         Are easy stories to read to a child/ren or as I would recommend, allowing children (with your parental consent) that are able to read them to do so on their own and alone – such allows the child to absorb, formulate, think independently and draw his/her own conclusion(s). Such can also negate/eliminate discussion when read alone and possibly the child feeling as if he/she must attempt to defend and/or justify certain actions involving Bullying.

·         Can teach lessons on love, compassion and genuine concern for others

·         Can assist with understanding how others feel when subjected to cruelty, abuse, bullying and other negative behavior(s).

·         Can show how one’s actions can affect others and the effects of one’s actions upon another or others

·         Can show how one can make a positive difference

·         Can assist the child with gaining an understanding of Bullying; the effects and  the results of one and/or others actions

·         Can be utilized to allow a child/ren to gain an understanding on their own through a resource(s) you have approved and provided to your child. As a Parent, you are teaching through a resource you have provided to your child.

·         Can become a platform for discussion, dialogue and/or an open line of communication between you and your child/ren.
As we close our 4 Pt. Series with topics on  Bullying - Cyber Bullying and Bullying in general, we want to once again thank for their article title, info and link shared in Series 1 and which were provided as a Public Service Announcement -How to Protect Your Kids from Cyber Bullying:

We also thank Author; Ms.  Elaine Marlier, who has created and shared a series of wonderful and heartfelt books about animals and their adoptions; we end this post and 4Pt. Bullying Series with a comment from Author Elaine Marlier- "one of the main intents of the books was to reach out to the young, and help them find compassion in their hearts for the animals. I firmly believe that those at a young age who find that compassion for animals, will turn into mature adults who have compassion for humans and, who will value others” (Author E. Marlier). For more information about the Author and her Series, she can be reached through her website at:

Note: Neither of the above were paid promotions or paid endorsements; they have been shared here for informational purposes.

Author; Ms. Elaine Marlier’s Book Series Titles: Without A Home Inspiring and heartfelt tales of dog adoptions; Without A Home Inspiring and heartfelt tales of cat adoptions and Without A Home Inspiring and heartfelt tales of small animal adoptions.

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