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Back to the Basics in Education 5 Pt. Series

Back to the Basics in Education 5 Pt. Series
Pt. 1 An Environment conducive to Learning - Beauty makes a difference By Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Between the two above schools, which school is more appealing, inviting and welcoming? Which school would you prefer and prefer your child attend?

On today, Parents Taking Charge in Education begins its Back to the Basics in Education 5 Pt. Series. We will look at how beautifying our school environment can be conducive to learning; how small acts and actions and going back to some basics in Education have and can make positive differences and an impact on students, staff and others involved in and/or with Education, thus accomplishing some education goal and objectives. If you have not viewed our introduction video for this series at Parents Taking Charge in Education YouTube Channel, please feel free to check it out at this link:  

On today In Part 1, our topic is An Environment conducive to Learning – Beauty makes a back tome basic can make

Most, if not all enjoy beauty – it can be appealing, soothing, inviting, welcoming, uplifting, inspiring and pleasing to the sense of sight. Many seek, strive for and/or surround themselves with beauty; it can also motivate.

With this being the case, why do we subject some children to some of the most dilapidated, austere, outdated and ugly school buildings?

What does your child’s school building reflect from both outside and inside? On the outside, do flowers and plants adorn the exterior during spring and early fall; is it neat and attractive from street level regardless of the season? Does it appear welcoming and cheerful or the opposite? Remember, your child spends 6-8 hours; five days a week at/in his/her school building and such can have a lasting impression and impact upon a child.

It is the little things - the basics that we sometime overlook or have forgotten and which can make a positive difference to children during their early nurturing years and education. Children of a great nation deserve the best - great schools and a great education!

A Suggestion

With school Educators having enough to contend with; may I offer a suggestion? Establish a beautification committee and invite staff, Parents and Community to assist with the special project. Get suggestions from students - afterall, it is primarily their mini-community. Compile a plan, get it accomplished and preferably overseen by a person(s) who will have the time, skills and/or would enjoy the project. Don’t forget to give that person(s) some public recognition!

Credit: Illustration of Two Schools above: Peipei

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education


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