Monday, October 8, 2012

Volunteer Service of Mrs. Dorothy Barron in the Field of Education

 Mrs. Dorothy Barron:  
  • Volunteered-Advocated for 16 years within the area of education and schools 
  • Served as a Substitute teacher in both public and private school sectors

  • Served on local and system-wide education committees

  • Attended and monitored school board meetings (local and state)

  • Designed program curriculum

  • Developed and implemented a program that curtailed behavior problems by 95-98%  in a inner-city school

  • Served as a School-Community Liaison

Worked extensively with all sectors involving Education- Parents, Students, educators (classroom teachers), Education Administrators, Business and Community
  • Served as Parent/School Mediator
  • Served 7-9 years as a full-time school volunteer

    • Co-founded and served as Director of the Organization, Parent Focused which assisted Parents with becoming knowledgeable, informed and involved in their children's education and/or schools. 
    • Conducted workshops that instructed parents on how to advocate for their children in education Conducted Workshops on Parenting (in-house and upon request by others)
    • Lectured and served as an international panelist
    • Authored a parenting newsletter
    • Produced and hosted a taped series on Education
  • Author of a series of parental mini-guides "Parents Taking Charge"
  • Conducted Parenting Classes - general, as well as those in which parents were ordered by a court to attend

    • Interacted with Congress and US Presidents regularly on public policy and changes in education, health, and welfare reform

    • Served as Chairman on a number of PTA committees- Hospitality, Legislative, Membership, and Fundraising
    • Served as Vice-President at elementary school level
    • Served as PTA President at both elementary and middle school levels
    •  Served as 4-H Leader and Cub Scout Leader 
    • Developed and implemented a host of special projects that gave students exposure to new experiences outside the classroom (many of which were paid for by Mrs. Barron and/or with the assistance at that time of her husband)

    • Served as Education Chairman for a number of Community Organizations (civic organizations, neighborhood planning committee and Former US President; Jimmy Carter's Atlanta Project- Zone 8
    Mrs. Dorothy Barron is the recipient of over 30 awards and/or recognition (from past US Presidents, Office of a former US First Lady, former US Secretary of Education, former Governor of the State of Georgia, former Georgia's State Superintendent of Education, PTAs, individual schools, community organizations, and businesses) for her volunteer service and contributions to our youth and communities.

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