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Dealing with the Problem Child- Part 2 by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Dealing with the Problem Child- Part 2 by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

In Parents Taking Charge in Education Blog Post: Dealing with the Problem Child, Part 1, I concluded with the mention that in Part 2 of this article two examples, which would emphasize children’s replications of the actions of adults, as well as what you may want to consider as a remedy in dealing with the problem child would be forthcoming. Now, let us begin Part 2 with my sharing those examples:
1.      A couple of my classes under my BUS Pre-law Degree Program consisted of Criminal Justice Classes; it was there that I learned what was/is known as the “blue veil.” Actually these veils exist within each profession along with a representative color. They allow those within the profession to protect each other, cover and hide the misdeeds and unlawful actions of some within the profession. For instance, the “blue veil”- indicative of law enforcement (police) and their uniforms of “blue.” Would you not agree that youth gangs operate similarly?
2.      Bullying has become or is becoming a more serious problem among youth; are we not submerged in a society filled with bullying adults?

If the present world in which we now live can become at times unbearable for some adults, how do you think children feel; more importantly, how do they cope? Many do not and thereby receive the label of “Problem Child.” In essence, many children are floundering; they feel rudderless, helpless and hopeless.

When you have done all you can and the problem(s) is not resolved with your child, what you may want to consider as a remedy- offer you child the opportunity to become acquainted with the CREATOR (GOD) of the Universe and The Holy Scriptures (Bible). Why consider such as a remedy? Such can ground and provide stability, continuity and purpose in one’s life. 

Now, as a Parent, you may be expressing concern, disapproval and/or even opposition over or of the aforementioned consideration as a remedy. Good; such means that you are entertaining the thought. I would like to address briefly a few concerns or opposing views of some parents and respond:
Ÿ  Some do not believe in The CREATOR (GOD) or The Holy Scriptures and do not want to force or influence their child/ren from a religious standpoint - you have exercised and take pride in being able to exercise your choice, but as a Parent, have you provided your child with the same opportunity or choice in this matter?
Ÿ  Some must now contend with their children asking what appears to some Parents uncomfortable questions about the Creator and The Holy Scriptures - talk to your child and be honest; if your views differ, explain them and how you arrived at them.
Ÿ  The CREATOR (GOD) belongs to or is one race or nation’s GOD - the CREATOR is a spirit and is not a respecter of persons. The CREATOR (GOD) is CREATOR (GOD) of all; failure to understand such depicts a lack of understanding of The Holy Scriptures.
Ÿ  Fear or risk of the child becoming involved in or influenced by a Cult - life itself is a risk; there is no guarantee that your child will not become involved in a gang, the object of some predator or worse.

Be available to your child, listen attentively and look for opportunities to engage with your child in a non-confrontational manner. As to the aforementioned remedy, consider:

·    Providing a copy of The Holy Scriptures (Bible) and simply leaving it on the desk, bed or in some other personal space of the child. Without forcing or influencing the child, you have provided access and the Child can make a choice as to when or whether to utilize the provided copy of The Holy Scriptures (Bible). One can also find a wide and great variety of various books and materials on a plethora of subject topics for all ages in a Christian Bookstore. Many authors write on various subject topics which are informative and helpful without being judgmental.

Parents Taking Charge in Education’s Blog Post, Dealing with the Problem Child, Parts 1 and 2 have not been written to offer legal, medical or spiritual advice; Parts 1 and 2 consists of information you may want to consider as you and/or your child work toward resolving his/her unresolved issues or problems. Parents, when the day is spent and after all is said and done, the responsibility of your child/ren rests with you, the Parent (s).

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