Thursday, April 14, 2011

Refilling Your Pitchers & Recharging Your Batteries by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Refilling Your Pitchers & Recharging Your Batteries by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

“It does not matter how large a problem one has; nature is much larger and has a way of allowing one to put things in proper perspective”(Mrs. Dorothy Barron).

Have you ever served others pouring from a pitcher? Pitcher this: you pour and pour from it, but when the liquid within is substantially reduced or the pitcher empties, it must be refilled in order to continue serving. How about battery operated devices? At some point in time those devices that “run” must recharge or they will fail to run at all and such is why we recharge battery operated products. Perhaps, you are asking, what does refilling pitchers and recharging batteries have in connection with a Blog about Parents and Parenting?

Parents, your bodies are equivalent to the aforementioned; you run here, there and everywhere; you give and give and give until many “run down” and/or there is nothing left (empty- complete exhaustion). Unless you set aside a little time for self on a regular basis in order to refill your energies and recharge your bodies, you will find that you no longer have anything of self left to give anyone else.

Parents, Spring has sprung; spend some time in and with nature. Go out and refill your pitchers or recharge your batteries by enjoying some of the simple pleasures of life- take a walk in the woods or along a walking trail; sit beside a body of water; visit a botanical garden; sit on the top of a mountain, take your lunch to the park or simply take a blanket outside, sit or lie on it and watch a bird soar or the sun set. These are some of the simple outdoor activities that provide some quiet time and allow you to reflect or meditate; such can enable you to refill your pitchers and recharge your batteries and thus, assist you with becoming a more relaxed person and a more productive parent. Another advantage of being out in Nature; because it is much larger than we, it can allow us to put our own problems, regardless of how large, in proper perspective.

Carving out time for self does not come easy with most Parents. Perhaps, such can be accomplished with a little organizing, prioritizing, putting things in proper perspective and making some adjustments; let me share an illustration which includes all four. I have always realized the importance of exercise; when the health spa in the community closed, my husband suggested we play tennis. My husband and I organized our schedules. After one of us dropped the kids off at school, we would go to or meet at the tennis court. If our schedules conflicted, we reorganized and played in the late afternoons. There were/are a number of advantages of being outside and in nature; but back to the illustration involving tennis. 

For a long time, I had trouble winning any games at tennis against my husband; he was extremely good at it and he served a “curve ball.” I would be all over the tennis court trying to determine the direction of the curve ball once it hit the court on my side. My having complained, whined and decried, “no fair” did not help me win any games; a proper perspective and an adjustment were needed. After constant observance, I finally realized that the key to the “curve ball dilemma” was to insure that the ball not land on my side of the tennis court; I had to return the ball while it was in mid-air. Having made that adjustment, enabled me to hold my own as his tennis opponent. I finally won some tennis matches against and while partnering with my (former) husband.

Parents, what are you waiting for? Refill your pitchers and recharge your batteries; make time for yourselves and learn to take life one step and one day at a time.

Note: Special thanks to Mr. Patrick Barron who has granted use of and permission of his photos in this blog. Retain within and do not use or copy outside this blog without written permission. 

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author & Founder
Parents Taking Charge in Education


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