Friday, April 22, 2011

Ending the School Year by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

                        Ending the School Year by Mrs. Dorothy Barron
“The most important phase of a child’s life is childhood; for it is here that all other phases emanate” (Mrs. Dorothy Barron).

Parents, attending school conferences are an important way to be involved in your child’s Education. End of the year school conferences can benefit both you and your child. Do not underestimate the importance of and/or fail to attend or schedule the conference simply because it is the end of the school year. Some important reasons for attending end of the year school conferences:
Ÿ  You can meet with your child’s teachers to access your child’s academic progress over the school year and they can provide you with knowledge about your child’s academic strengths, weaknesses and other pertinent information.
Ÿ  You can utilize the conference assessment information to plan some summer activities to assist your child with retaining, building and reinforcing academic skills.
Ÿ  You can balance meaningful academic activities with activities your child enjoys (if different) to ensure that he/she relaxes from the rigors and stress of the school year, thus, preventing overload and burnt-out. Learning and fun can coincide. Please see that your child enjoys his/her summer vacation.
Ÿ  Educators can often advise you of sources and resources that are available to you and your child over the summer.

As the school year ends for some parents, it is “ramping” up for others. Do you have a child who will begin kindergarten at a new school in the fall?
Ÿ  Have a conference with your child’s pre-school teacher(s).
Ÿ  If applicable, make sure you have all the proper school documentation necessary for your child entering school in the Fall, as well as required vaccinations.
Ÿ  Depending on your interest and anticipated level of involvement in your child’s Education and/or with your child‘s school, may I recommend you visit the anticipated school in which your child will be attending in Fall and prior to the school ending for the school year (summer). Check out the school and request a copy of the student-parent handbook. Obtain the Parent-School Organization Leader’s (PTA/PTO President) contact information; you may want to call and introduce yourself as a new parent.

Are you a Parent-School Organization Leader (PTA/PTO)? Many of you will want to meet with school principals prior to school ending (some will meet with you and officers over the summer) and spend time over the summer meeting with your officers and planning the organization’s agenda for the following school year. If you wait until school resumes to plan the organization’s agenda for the school year, you will have waited too late.

This school year is coming to an end and many students will soon graduate; may I extend Congratulations to each student and his/her Parent(s) for having reached this milestone.

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author & Founder of Parents Taking Charge in Education

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