Friday, January 4, 2013

Fragile - Handle and Nurture with Tender Loving Care by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Fragile - Handle and Nurture with Tender Loving Care by Mrs. Dorothy Barron 
Much of what children learn will be as the result of teachers - Parents, Educators, peers and society in general. Children are fragile; those things essential for proper growth and maturity are nurturing of children; tender loving care and time.

Nature teaches us much about the cycle of growth and maturity through plant life; we realize that time is an important aspect not only in the cycle, growth and maturity of plants, but all things.

When society took time to nurture and allow time for the natural growth and production of plants, vegetables, animals, etc., not only were they healthy, but people were healthier as a whole.

The discovery and the use of chemicals which rapidly increased growth and genetically modified the aforementioned have been applied to practically everything that can be grown. We see some of those adverse changes as a result throughout society.

Some foolishly think children can be pressured, rushed and forced to function beyond their years without adverse consequences. Just as we see the results and effects of foods and plants not given time for natural growth, we will continue to see the results of society’s actions upon its children should we not take time to handle and nurture children with tender loving care and allow for their natural growth and maturity. 

It is past time we return to some basic principles; we must ask ourselves, do the littlest and most vulnerable and fragile within our society have a proper place to live; nutritious food to each; adequate clothing, a safe and secure environment, quality and/or quantity time for nurturing, providing tender loving care and natural growth and maturing at his/her own pace? Such can greatly impact the little sprout of learners who have begun their journey toward mature adulthood.

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Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder
Parents Taking Charge in Education

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