Friday, December 28, 2012

Blessings and Blessings in Disguise by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Blessings and Blessings in Disguise by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Many grandparents have the responsibility as caregiver to a second generation of young people – their grandchildren. Many have assumed the entire or sole responsibility of raising their children’s children or grandchildren. For some, such may be a struggle and for others, much like riding a bike after not having done so for a long period of time – such requires time to readjust and still others – it is smooth sailing.

Such may not have been that which you initially intended, but you assumed the responsibility. Grandchildren are a blessing and can be blessings in disguise. In today’s Keeping Hope Alive this Holiday Season Series Part 4 Blessings and Blessings in Disguise, I want to introduce you to the Haskells; they have the sole responsibility of raising their three grandchildren, but before I do, I want to take a minute or so and share 12 Ways which Grandchildren can be Blessings and Blessings in Disguise to many Grandparents.

Grandchildren can:

1.      Teach Grandparents different and new things

2.      Give Grandparents a purpose

3.      Put a smile on a Grandparent’s face

4.      Develop a special bond with a Grandparent(s)

5.      Keep Grandparents lively and energetic

6.      Learn new things from Grandparents, often readily, due to the patience of some Grandparent(s)

7.      Assist Grandparents with little errands and help them around- physically

8.      Keep Grandparents mentally alert – they have the tendency to ask lots of questions

9.      Become Grandparents’ pride and joy

10.  Give some Grandparents the opportunity to do for them that which they were not able to do for their children

11.  Make Grandparents feel important

12.  Reverse the situation and at some point in time become your devoted caregiver and thus, your blessing in disguise.  

To those Grandparents who have accepted the sole care of your grandchild/ren, we want to take a moment and offer a heartfelt thank you. To Grandparents who engage positively in some manner with your grandchildren; thank you for doing so and making a difference. We wish you and yours a Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!

Now to Parents Taking Charge in Education Channel at YouTube for Pt. 4 Blessings and Blessings in Disguise; please click the link to access the video:      or

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

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