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Parents Taking Charge in Education Encourages and Celebrates Reading in its 3Pt.Series When You Give Me a Book Pt. 2 Featuring Author Lois Lowry and her Book - THE GIVER by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Parents Taking Charge in Education Encourages and Celebrates Reading in its 3Pt.Series“When You Give Me a Book” Pt. 2 Featuring Author; Lois Lowry and her Book, THE GIVER by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Hello and welcome to Pt. 2 of Parents Taking Charge in Education 3Pt. Series “When You Give Me a Book.” On today, we excitedly feature Author; Lois Lowry and her Book, THE GIVER.  Perhaps, you are wondering how I discovered Author; Lois Lowry and why her Book, THE GIVER is being featured in our Reading Series?

I took a Children’s Literature Class a few years ago in college and discovered Author; Lois Lowry through her books; one of which was THE GIVER; it is one of the best books that I have read which intellectually challenges the child by offering a number of thought-provoking topics and issues.

Parents Taking Charge in Education Video presentation of Author, Lois Lowry and her Book, THE GIVER can be found at our channel on YouTube here:

Here at our blog on today, I want to share 4-5 facts about Author Lois Lowry; briefly share an overview of her Book, THE GIVER; share my perspective (12) of that which the Book, THE GIVER offers and provokes thought-wise and list 12 topics or issues which I feel the Author introduces to the reader. We will conclude and provide a link to an Interview which Author; Lois Lowry gave about THE GIVER and provide the URL of her Website.

Thought-provoking is the one word that best describes Author; Lois Lowry’s Book, THE GIVER.

About Author; Lois Lowry:

·         Author Lois Lowry was born in Hawaii, but has lived in various parts of the world.

·         According to Author Lowry “she writes for children.” She is a Children’s Author, however, her books appeal to all ages.

·         She has received the prestigious Newbery Medal twice; in 1990 for her Book, Number The Stars and again in 1994 for her Book, THE GIVER.

·         She writes books for children that are thought-provoking and intellectually challenging. Some deemed her Book, The GIVER, a controversial book and in some places the book was banned.

·         Author; Lois Lowry is both a kind and gracious Author as this Author has personally discovered.

About The Book, THE GIVER

The GIVER is a book about a seemingly perfect, yet, mundane futuristic society; a society in which there is strict Order for everything and a designated role for each person within society.  It appears to be a well-Ordered society, yet an abnormal one when viewed up close.  The book centers on a young boy; Jonas, aged 12 (a Receiver) who discovers through the powers and help of an aged man; THE GIVER, that their Ordered, colorless and superficial world where sameness abounds is not as it seems or should be. It is a world which shields its members of society from pain, fear, war, choices and love on a deeper level, because in their society such has ceased to exist.  Both use their combined strengths to bring about change to their Ordered and superficial society.

Remember, the book is thought-provoking. It may leave one asking such questions as; can man create a Utopian society and one in which all within view as a utopian society; what are the perils for such a society and if created, could a utopian society be or eventually become a nightmare for others?

Author; Lois Lowry’s Book; THE GIVER and that which it offers and/or provokes

1.       Provokes critical thinking

2.       Introduces  a variety of topics

3.       One realizes that one person or a small group’s idea of a society of utopia or nirvana can be a nightmare for another or others

4.       Effects of lack of choice or choice in the matter of making one’s own decisions

5.       Raises the question; can one be different and “March to his/her own beat” in a world where sameness has become the order of society?

6.       Shows that whether a person is young or aged, each person can make a difference.

7.       Begs the question; will citizens within our society ever be forbidden books or very strict limitations placed on access to them?

8.       Due diligence and sacrifices often must occur in order for a country to retain it freedoms and rights

9.       There can be dire consequences to a people or nation that forgets its past and is lackadaisical about the present

10.   Although written as a futuristic book; can we see parallels within our own society and will this ever become our society?

11.   Was written for children, but appeals to all ages

12.   Show that the abnormal can become or appear normal after a period of time

Author; Lois Lowry introduces a number of different topics/issues within her Book, THE GIVER; 12 have been listed here:

1.       Memories  - purpose(s)

2.       Family unit and its structure(s) – such issues as marriage restrictions and families prohibited having biological children

3.       Emotions

4.       Limitations on all aspects of life- acquired knowledge; number of children per family, that which one can achieve in life; extent to which one can travel, etc.

5.       Love – superficial v. sacrificial

6.       Effects of lack of Choices & Freedoms

7.       Children - their future and future roles within society

8.       Conformity

9.       Laws and rules that govern a society

10.   Structure of society’s leadership

11.   Role of individuals within society

12.   Euthanasia

As you can see, Author Lois Lowry’s book, THE GIVER can provoke much thought and discussion – not only discussion about the society she has created in her book, but about our own society in the Future and such possible questions as:

·         Of what will it entailed or be comprised?

·         What will be the role(s) of its Citizens?

·         Are we using today’s challenges to help us prepare for the future?

Thank you Author; Lori Lowry for having granted us permission to feature you and your BOOK, THE GIVER in Pt. 2 of our Parents Taking Charge in Education Encourages and Celebrates Reading in its 3Pt.Series“When You Give Me a Book.” Author; Lois Lowry, you have given us a thought-provoking book in THE GIVER. Author Lois Lowry’s website can be found here:  and the direct link to Lois Lowry’s Interview of her Book, THE GIVER on YouTube can be found here:

Credits: Parents Taking Charge in Education was granted permission by Author; Lois Lowry to feature the Author; her Book - THE GIVER, a book cover image of THE GIVER and links to her Website and Interview of THE GIVER on Parents Taking Charge in Education Channel at YouTube. Additional information and books written by Author; Lois Lowry can be found at her website.

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education


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