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Going Back to the Basics in Education – Pt. 3 Can Your School meet your child’s basic needs in Education? By Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Going Back to the Basics in Education – Pt. 3 Can Your School meet your child’s basic needs in Education? By Mrs.   Dorothy Barron
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Can your school meet your child’s basic needs? In other words does your school have necessary supplies, equipment and other resources to properly function and provide those tools needed to properly educate students; your child/ren?

Do some of the same problems in Education that existed 20 or more years ago still exist today?

A teacher remarked recently that she was elated that she was at a school where the school’s copier actually worked and supplies were ample. Parents, these were prevalent problems 20 years ago and to which I can attest; I experienced the dilemma along with staff and faculty and saw firsthand how lack of basic equipment and supplies impeded teachers’ efforts to provide some of the best learning experiences for students. Such also dampened teachers/staff’s morale over a period of time. Teachers did not have time to stand around all day in attempts to get the school copier to operate. I often tried to coax the copier to function properly in an effort to make copies for teachers or while engaged in PTA business and just as often wound up with as much copier ink on me as the inked carbon copies.  

Parents can make a Difference in Education

At the school in which I served as PTA President, the problem was resolved after PTA members voted to, raised funds and purchased a new copier and supplies. The sighs of relief!  Staff and faculty were greatly appreciative that Parents were concerned and concerned enough to make their jobs a bit easier. That one small gesture made a difference in the entire school’s environment. 

Meeting the Basic Needs of Children in Education

Surely and hopefully, with present modern and advanced technology available, schools are not still using outdated ink-paper carbon copiers. Of course this was one example, but the point is - basic needs in Education for children such as equipment, supplies and other resources cannot be lacking in our schools. If teachers and educators do not have necessary equipment, supplies and resources to assist and enable them with providing a basic quality education to students, how do we propose Educators/teachers assist students with advancing and excelling academically? Parents can your school meet your child’s basic needs or do you know?

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education


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