Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting your School and Staff ready and off to a good School Year by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Getting your School and Staff ready and off to a good School Year by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

More than likely School Administrators, you have had your preliminary meetings with school faculty and all is in order.  Parents and other visitors may not know the amount of time and work that went into your pre-year planning, but there are certain things they will notice and take note without many ever making a public comment to you; simply things that for them are a reflection of you; your leadership; staff and school in general. To name a few:

·        A clean school building

·        Beautiful and decorative bulletin boards throughout the school

·        Orderliness

·        A professional looking staff with like demeanor

·        A pleasant staff – especially office staff

In addition, School Principals or Chief School Administrators, there are three things that generally occur with those of you who operate top-notch schools – Clues: One; is done to insure that Parents feel Important and two, are provided to Parents. Principals and Chief School Administrators, can you list those three things? If so, e-mail me at .

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Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education

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