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Back to School – Dressing for Success in the Classroom by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Back to School – Dressing for Success in the Classroom by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Getting children ready to go back to school can be a costly process, but does not necessarily have to be. There are some items that students must have; if your child is not required to wear a school uniform, today’s blog post is for your consideration.

Clothes can assist with self-esteem and send a message to others about your child and you, the Parent. Looking good and feeling good about one’s self provides a great boost to one’s self-esteem. For many Parents, the budget is tight – to non-existent, but such does not mean you cannot dress your child for success in the classroom. For boys, such does not take much – a nice clean shirt, pants, clean tennis shoes and they’re ready to go. Young ladies have a tendency to want to look their best and often the newest fads can be costly.  Consider the following:

Get Creative!

·         Check store ads for sales and bargains – stores compete for back to school business and Parents; such can be an advantage to you and your child.

·         Check out Craft and Thrift Stores –

o   Purchase unadorned items which may be less expensive and accessorize with items from a craft store. Assist or allow your child to create or stamp his/her own mark and/or design of Individualism (self-expression); such can be applied on clothing, shoes, school items and etc.

o   Drag out that sewing machine and those knitting and crocheting needles and have some fun while being savvy and thrifty; you can assist your child with being an individualist. Engaging in these endeavors may also reduce stress for both you and your child.

Most importantly, insure your child’s clothing are well-cared for and presentable-the use of an iron or fabric softener to remove wrinkles can make a big difference in the presentation of clothing. Sometimes, it is the small things we do that send the greatest message(s).

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Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education

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