Friday, May 11, 2012

Cuts and Increases in Education and at Your School by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

             Cuts and Increases in Education and at Your School by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

School cuts, increases, why? Oh my!       School cuts, increases, oh my; why? 

There has been much in the news about cuts and increases in Education and at schools; cuts in everything from school staff to academic and service fees and when it comes to increases, everything from academic to extracurricular and bus fees have been affected.

Are cuts in education and at your school taking place; have costs and/or increases in certain areas and/or services now become the Parents’ responsibility? Often the question becomes what do I do and how do I and other Parents handle such?  Consider the following Four (4) Suggestions:

·         Request and obtain a clear and full understanding for the occurrence of school cuts and/or increases. Prior notice should be given to Parents to enable input from Parents.

·          Get a written copy of the education policy mandate. Some school cuts are as a result of a school not having met academic standard requirements. If such is the case, determine whether your school and/or school system have the right by law to pass costs and increases to Parents. Know what the alternatives are by law for Parents and students.

·         If applicable, contact an entity or organization that will explain or provided workshops and assist Parents with understanding education/school policies and their rights under those set policies.

·         Sit local and school-wide committees; become informed, knowledgeable and involved in and about that which occurs within your child/ren’s school(s) and Education?

Having knowledge of and engaging the above can assist with enlightening and placing you at the forefront of that which occurs within your school, school system and Education. A quality education cannot begin to occur for your children if due to lack of transportation your children are not able to get to school and/or they lack proper tools to work with once they get there.

                            Mom; thanks for all you do and for always being there!         
Courtesy and permission of photo from Mr. P.J. Barron
Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder
Parents Taking Charge in Education

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