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School Uniforms or Not? By Mrs. Dorothy Barron

    School Uniforms or Not? By Mrs. Dorothy Barron

The question, should students should be required to wear school uniforms or not resurfaces from time to time? First, I will list some pros and cons and then share some insight. Please feel free to add to the brief list below and/or compile your own list.

Parents, should students be required to wear School Uniforms or not?

            PROs                                                                          CONs

1. Uniformity - dress code wherein students                          Lack/loss of Individuality
are all required to dress in a school uniform                         which can produce negative often down to the same type of socks and shoes                                           conditioning and mindset

2. Hassle free for Parents - less clothes/one outfit                  Cost of uniform& lost items

3. Viewed as balancing the playing field - children               Underestimation of a
less uncomfortable with what he/she does not have             child’s perception of peers
if all are dressed alike                                                              and world in which they live

4. Educators’ view- means of added security-                      Fights and worse over decreases in fights over possessions                                                                     possessions

Secondly, how does your child feel and what are his/her thoughts on the subject of being required to wear a school uniform each school day; have you inquired?

As a Parent, for some, it would be easy not to have to worry about the purchase of different school outfits. In the case of school uniforms, most likely someone else has determined and decided what your child will wear. For many, if all children dressed in uniforms will decrease school fights, for most it is a no-brainer. Many Parents and others endorse school uniforms.

On the other hand, clothing in one aspect expresses one’s individuality. Many adults have special clothing that when worn provides a sense of confidence, comfort and/or security. Such may consist of a favorite dress or suit, a “power” tie, and old comfortable tweed jacket, a favorite pair of heels that sprightly click of assurance and confidence, etc., etc. Children are no different; a favorite set of bows, a special dress, blouse, shirt, pair of jeans, jewelry or shoes may present the same for them.

What may be even worse is the message this dress of uniforms sends to both children and adults when mandated by law. Will students become geared and conditioned through the mandated wearing of uniforms that it will not be difficult to exchange a school uniform for a prison uniform later in life? Will students already reduced to student numbers and statistics eventually forget their individuality and become conditioned to not only dress alike, but act, think and look alike? We have actually reduced society’s standards. Instead of teaching the importance of each person’s unique and different qualities and other necessary lessons of the realities of life, the mandating of uniforms have/are being substituted.

Parents, the decision of whether your child/ren should be required to wear school uniforms or not are ultimately up to you. Should you and other Parents oppose uniforms, you should pursue the issue. Should you and the school decide in the affirmative, make sure you discuss this matter with your child and if the child has concerns, discuss and try and resolve them; make sure your child’s school promotes a positive image of student uniforms and not simply a solution to a problem or problem children and finally ensure that you and the school promote and advance each student’s individuality and uniqueness. Society has enough followers; society needs more leaders.

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education

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