Friday, August 12, 2011

Prepare to Serve and Lead by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

                           Prepare to Serve and Lead by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

First, I want to apologize for having placed a Slinging Stones Blog Post here at my Parents Taking Charge in Education Blog two weeks ago. Somehow, it would not post to the designated website. My preference is to keep each blog separate. From experience, I have found that most Parents have enough on their plates and for a good number politics complicates their lives even more so. Do not misunderstand, I am not saying Parents are not interested in politics, only that most have full schedules and with children being a high priority and time consuming, there are only so many hours in one day and politics in many instances take a lesser priority. Then again, it is said, “everything happens for a reason.” With having said that, I am going to use this opportunity to encourage you to become more involved in the Political process. I have also added a link to my Slinging Stones Post titled Going to the Law- The Constitution of the United States: Pt. 2 of 3 World Order or Social Disorder and Destruction by Mrs. Dorothy Barron at due to its relevance.

Parents, others may assist, but “no one is going to do for you what you should be doing for your own child/ren” (Mrs. Dorothy Barron). Some of you who have children of school age should consider preparing yourself for politics in an effort to insure that families and children are kept at the top of this nation’s agenda. We live in a country where there is so much wealth, yet families are struggling, unable to make ends meet and some are even on the street.

It is time that younger men and women who especially have families pick up the political gauntlet and assist with moving America forward and upward. It is not my intent to speak disparaging of America’s leaders; I simply state that which is obvious. Of the nation’s leaders, a good number have lost touch with society and the present needs of society; some live in the past and the good ole days and focus on the recapture of such. Due to the fact that many no longer have school age or young children, families do not appear to be their top priority even though families are the most important unit in a society and children are the posterity of both.

Parents, there are a number of ways you can begin to be involved in politics and the political process. Education is both big business and political. A few consist of the following; you can attend PTA/PTO meetings and become acquainted with the organization’s laws and due process and procedures; attend school board meetings, community and neighborhood planning meetings, city board meetings and/or stay abreast with what is happening in government and politics. As you learn the process and procedure prepare to serve and run for office. For many students, the new school year has already begun; remember, a better world begins with each of us.

May both you and your child/ren have a good school year.

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder
Parents Taking Charge in Education

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