Friday, July 6, 2012

Parent- School PTA - PTO Leaders: Being more effective in your Leadership Role by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Parent- School PTA - PTO Leaders: Being more effective in your Leadership Role by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Are you new to the leadership role of a Parent Teacher Association or Organization? Leading your school’s PTA/PTO requires great responsibility and was at one time new to each person who held the position. The key to being effective is to become organized; obtain knowledge of your responsibilities and set reasonable goals.

Parents Taking Charge in Education was to devote this month to providing a brief introduction to PTA/PTO Presidents in an effort to assist you with realizing those things needed to be most effective in your leadership role; however, we will be taking the next 2-4 weeks off.   What I would like to suggest is that you concentrate on the following subject topics and tips; they can serve as guidelines to help you begin learning and getting organized, especially if you are a first time leader. You have the rest of summer to do so. Are you ready?
I.                    Your Role as PTA/PTO Leader – preparing self to lead – basic qualities and needs
II.                  You and Your Officers
III.                You and the Principal- Chief School Administrator(s)
IV.                You and Parents and students
PTA/PTO Presidents, there is a plethora of information which can assist you with your duties and responsibilities, but can be overwhelming to new or first time PTA/PTO Presidents. Realize that:
ü    Gaining and becoming confident in your role as Leader of your Parent-School Organization –starts with acquainting self with the basics. Remember, you will not learn all that is needed overnight or without actually functioning in the role.
ü    Communication is very important - establish a number of methods in which to correspond with all involved sectors and do so.
ü    Devising a written Plan in advance with a budget along with a Plan of Action that is executable, allows for flexibility and to which changes can be incorporated if needed are instrumental to accomplishing the goal and achieving success. 
Becoming comfortable with your role, having knowledge of the basics and an actionable plan can assist you with building your confidence and others having confidence in you. Having a plan and plan of action will make it easier for all to work together in accomplishing that which can positively serve your Parents, Educators, students and the community.  Your PTA/PTO and local school are separate entities with a common goal – helping students and children achieve and succeed.
Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder
Parents Taking Charge in Education

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