Friday, December 30, 2011

Grandparents as Second Generation Parents by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

                    Grandparents as Second Generation Parents by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Many grandparents have the responsibility of caregiver to a second generation of young people – their grandchildren. Many have assumed the entire responsibility of raising their children’s children.  There are advantages as well as some barriers for many grandparents.
We want to list on today a few of those barriers in an effort to make others cognizant and attuned to certain needs a good number of grandparents. Most grandparents have much experience and knowledge of which they can offer, yet some barriers faced consist of:
·         Age

·         Lack formal education

·         Health issues and concerns

·         Not prepared to assume full responsibility of caring for or raising grandchildren

·         Lack of support

·         Both grandparent(s) and child/ren may be experiencing or going through a traumatic period
As a grandparent, should you find yourself in need of assistance or support, first determine the type of support of which you are in need and/or in what particular area(s).
You may want to make inquiries of the following for resources or a listing of resources:
·         Your grandchild/ren’s school

·         Grandparent and senior organizations

·         Children’s organizations and clubs

·         Some social services agencies

·         You and/or your grandchild’s physician and/or healthcare network

·         If your family has access to a computer and there is a need for homework assistance, there are many wonderful educational sites available online.  Parents Taking Charge in Education has listed a number of them in various blog posts.
Thanks to grandparents who have been instrumental in assisting and/or are in the process of raising their grandchild/ren.

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder
Parents Taking Charge in Education

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