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10 Things that Make Many Grandparents Special by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

10 Things that Make Many Grandparents Special by Mrs. Dorothy Barron
Does your child have a grandparent(s) that seem to enjoy having your child around; have a wonderful relationship and seem to have all the patience and time in the world to explain things to your child and his/her grandchild? If so, you and your child/ren are most fortunate; some are not. Some grandparents may not be involved with their grandchildren for a number of reasons- geographical distances; estrangement, health, grandparent(s) deceased and/or other reasons.
We will list 10 things that make many Grandparents special to their grandchildren; now, you grab pen and paper and make your own list! Here are ours:
1.       They seemingly have all the time in the world

2.       Your child gets their full attention

3.       They are patient (probably due in part to their second time around raising kids)

4.       They engage and become involved in the child’s world

5.       They really talk to you, teach and get their points across without being judgmental or condemning; not much surprises them

6.       They have a wealth of experience to draw from and much from which a child can learn

7.       They have been where your child is and often understand what the child is experiencing

8.       They understand the importance of praising a child for the little things, his/her accomplishments and even for trying

9.       They are glad to see the child- just look at how their eyes light up at the sight of your child!

10.   They make the child feel important and special and often provide little treats just for the child
 Grandparents possess that special and unique gift of “being there” for the grandchild in a myriad of ways and when the grandparents are no longer physically present they will live in the hearts and memories of the grandchild and others who succeed them.
Perhaps, if you cannot be with your own grandchild, you can assist the child/ren of another Parent(s). Many organizations need volunteers to spend a few hours a week reading, mentoring or teaching a child a skill. Besides, children keep you young, alert and on your toes in many ways. Each person can make a difference; what are you waiting for- go!
Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder
Parents Taking Charge in Education

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