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Parents Taking Charge in Education Presents: Getting Kids to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables - Try Compromising with Your Child by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Parents Taking Charge in Education


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Getting Kids to Eat More Fruits & Vegetables
Try Compromising with Your Child

                                       Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author

When it comes to getting kids to change poor eating habits or simply improve, you may want to consider the following:

·        Pick your battles- the more adamant you are, often the more determined the child is to obtain that which is prohibited.

·        Compromise- such can be a positive and winning experience for both you and your child.  It can afford you the opportunity to assist you child with making wise choices, improving social skills and becoming a more independent thinker.

·        Make changes to your child’s diet by substituting your choices with theirs gradually; besides, there are more nutritional choices than ever to select from.

Why gradual changes? There is an aspect of which you may not have given much or any thought to - it is “Food Addictions.” Food Additions are similar to other addictions- certain substances or foods denied after having become a habit over a period of time can induce symptoms of withdrawal, cravings, mood swings, irritability, etc.

Avoid a body system crash which may affect various body functions and/or the ability to function by considering making gradual changes to the diet as oppose to sudden and massive changes.

Photo: P. Barron
Here is a simple exercise for compromising with your child:

Your snack selections v. your child/ren’s

·        The child presents a list of his favorite snacks and you present yours. Determine the number of days your child’s  selection of snacks will be available and your selection (3 v. 4 days)

·        Purchase and make available only enough snacks of your child’s choices for the limited number of day and your selected choices.

·        Stock the refrigerator or cabinet with just enough of each for the week. The child has the choice to select interchangeably from the combined snacks or select only from his/her selected snack, but  should your child eat all of his/her selected snacks on successive days, do not refill. Allow your selection of snacks to be the only available ones.

Often when choices are limited or there are none, most of us are more likely and willing to try that which is available simply because it is convenient and accessible.

If it takes time for your child to adjust to eating more fruits and vegetables, be patient.

                   Remember, moderation is the key

You can be a winner while keeping them healthy and well!

This post is not intended as, nor does it serve as medical advice; seek advice from your physician.

Photos by Mr. Patrick Barron

This Parenting tip for your consideration has been brought to you by

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Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

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