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Turning Failing Schools Around by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Turning Failing Schools Around by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

As many of you are aware, the primary objective of Parents Taking Charge in Education is to assist Parents with becoming informed and knowledgeable about the Education process and involved in their children’s education and/or schools.

Another of Parents Taking Charge in Education objectives is to assist various sectors that serve Parents of children in Grades K-7th, one of which are Educators. As all of us work to educate our young people, it is going to be important that we realize that Educators must have those needed and recommended resources in order to do an effective job; if they do not, then we are all wasting our time.

I will briefly offer three recommendations that I would  implement which I feel are instrumental in turning failing schools around; failing schools would also include those school which may not at this point be considered failing, but are not conducive to the needs of 21 Century students and the future.

I. Each elementary school would have both a principal and Vice-Principal; each with distinct job descriptions.

II. Elementary Schools would revert back to K-7th Grades, with buildings designed to separate the two levels (elementary and those grades which encompass middle school).

III. Each elementary school would be structurally designed for the needs of youth, appealing and attractive within and without. Such could afford students a more positive environment for learning and the opportunity to become more creative in their approach to learning. The technology within should not only be equipped for the new millennium - 21 Century and above, but safety and non-overexposure to youth and environment should be major factors.

Some reasons for the above recommendations; the above

1.       Can save resources

2.       Provide stability and security; much of what are missing in the lives of many young people

3.       Can allow a longer period of relationship building between Parents and Educators

4.       Can prevent many Parents from over-extending (some Parents have children in different schools and at all three levels- elementary, middle and high school) and not as available as some would wish to be

Should any Parent or Educator wish to engage further on this subject with Mrs. Barron, please contact her via her e-mail address at . She will respond to your e-mail.

Mrs. Barron has been instrumental in implementing and bringing about positive changes inside schools at both elementary and middle school levels, as well as having written and implemented a plan which curtailed student behavior problems by 95-97% at middle school level.

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author & Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education

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