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Never Underestimate this Person by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Never Underestimate this Person by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

When faced with any number of situations, this person copes and resolves problems skillfully and with aplomb. This person has become so adept and efficient that all tasks appear natural and effortless. This person is one of the most valuable persons in society, yet most often undervalued by society and even though taken for granted often, this person should never be underestimated. Who is this Person? This person wears the name and title of Mother, Momma or Mom.

It is difficult to trick or deceive Mom; she is adept at looking below the surface and getting to the heart of a matter. Similar to a book that has been well- read and handled, over a period of time, Mom develops the ability to “read you like one.” She sees and understands more than you give her credit for or will ever know.

When Mom really gets “riled,” she can clear a room faster than someone yelling “fire;” in fact Mom is that “Fire.” If Momma is a praying woman, expect change; if she is a godly woman, it is just a matter of time before change occurs.

She may not have a professional degree, but she possesses so many different skills and is so versatile that she, as well as her skills cannot be summarily dismissed or ignored, if, or should she transition from the home into the workplace. Let me share just a few of the abilities and skills which many Moms or Mothers possess who remain in the home as full-time Care-givers or Homemakers:

A- Accountant, Aids various causes

B- Bookkeeper, Banker, Business Woman

C- Chef, Chauffeur, Cook, Care-giver

D- Doctor, Dentist, Disciplinarian, Decorator, Detective

E- Effective, Efficient, Eyes in the back of her head

F- Family-oriented, Fearless

G- Gives Life and prevents life

H- HELPER, Homemaker

I- Influencer (many cater to her and follow her lead), Inventor, Investigator

J- Judge, Jury

K- Knowledgeable on a number of various subjects

L- Leader

M- Mother, Motivator, Multi-tasks

N- Nurturer, Nurse, Negotiator

O- Overseer

P- Protector, Practitioner, Pioneer, Private-eye

Q- Queen of her Domain or Domicile

R- Resilient, Researcher

S- Skilled at many tasks, Strong, Social Worker, Strategist

T- Teacher, Team Captain, Team Leader

U- Uniquely created

V- Versatile

W- Woman, Wife, Warrior, Warden, Wise

X- X-ray Vision (Superman’s Clark Kent has nothing on Mother!)

Y- Your Champion

Z- Zealous of your Success

It is not surprising that Mother can skillfully assimilate within the workforce upon leaving the home; in fact, many rise to the challenges of and top eschelon within the workplace and business world.

Some Mothers or Moms, although very capable may not have held a job outside the home; some remain primarily in the home sacrificing career to devote and perform the noble work of caring for a family and home, full-time. Many of these Mothers understand the ramification of “training up a child” and the prognostic adage - “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” (ascribed to Abraham Lincoln).

Never underestimate this person, Mother, and/or assume she has no skills or worthy abilities outside caring for her home; for those who mistakenly do, you had best rethink your position!

Note: We are cognizant of the fact that some Fathers have left careers to become full-time Care-givers in/of the home and family.

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author & Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education

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