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Choice in Education - A look at Charter Schools and 12 Questions You May Wish to Consider by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Choice in Education - A look at Charter Schools and 12 Questions You May Wish to Consider by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

On last week, Parents Taking Charge in Education Blog Post Topic introduced and listed various school setting categories in reference to Choice in Education. Today, we will continue with Choice in Education as we look at Charter Schools in particular and twelve questions you may want to ask if you and/or your child has an interest in exploring this form of Education further. Twelve (12) questions have been listed below for your perusal and of which you may wish to consider.

To better assist you, I sought an interview with the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools and posed many of the same questions listed below, as well as others. The organization has agreed to respond to my Interview questions and once I receive their responses, I will post for your perusal. As you review the following questions and think of others, add them to your list: 

1.   Are Charter Schools Public schools? If in the affirmative, is there a difference and how are Charter Schools different from regular Public Schools?
2.   Why are Charter Schools needed in Education?
3.   What in your opinion are some advantages of Charter Schools?
4.   What would you consider to be some disadvantages of Charter Schools, if any?
5.   Provide us with some stats about Charter Schools- number of enrollees; how many states offer this particular Choice in Education; is there an increase in academic performance of students who attend Charter Schools?
6.   Would you briefly address the issues of oversight and accountability in relation to Charter Schools?
7.   How financially solvent is the Charter School of which you and/or your child have an interest?
8.   If a Parent is considering Charter School as an option or Choice in Education for his/her child, how should the Parent proceed; what is the process?
9.   What type information and resource material do you offer parents and their children? Is legal assistance provided to Parents to assist with transitioning from another education setting to Charter School; are vouchers, scholarships available and does such cover total enrollment fees, costs and tuition?
10. Are Parents expected to be more involved in their children’s education and schools in this particular education setting (Charter Schools) and are they?
11. What do you consider to be the most pressing challenge(s) for Charter Schools; how about education overall?
12. When we speak of the future of Education, what do you foresee as the prognosis for Charter Schools; will the need for Charter Schools increase or decrease?

I hope the above has provided you with some questions that can serve to assist you with gaining some insight into Charter Schools.

Note: Should you desire to visit the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, the website’s URL: .

Parents Taking Charge in Education neither endorses the aforementioned organization or any one particular Choice in Education. This blog post has been written for informational purposes only.

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