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Two Things I Would Give a Classroom of Young Students on Today by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

                              Fall leaves
 Two Things I Would Give a Classroom of Young Students on Today by Mrs. Dorothy Barron
Knowledge in and of itself is simply a compilation of information and although knowledge is important, unless one knows when and how to use it, such avails little to nothing.
We race and dash about and live in a world filled with chaos, clamor and clutter with little time for the training and nurturing of our children. To help counteract and offset the many problems that result from such, there are two things I would give a classroom of young students on today.
I would give them 1.) a small plot of ground which would enable them to grow and care for a garden and 2.) a small animal to care for. Why? Both would encourage and give children an immeasurable wealth of knowledge, avenues to gain, apply and use that knowledge to assist themselves and their world at large.
  Fall Garden Produce3 The planting, caring and harvesting of a Garden:
  • Would allow the uncovering of the many mysteries and/or questions which our earth and universe hold; lessons could be gleaned about birth, life and death. Lessons in and from every subject could be introduced and taught (Math, Science, History, Philosophy, Geography, Civics)
  • Planting, nurturing and caring for a garden could serving as a form of exercise and relaxation (releasing stress and pent up energies)
  • Could provide lessons on nutrition
  • Could provide mental and physical stimulation
  • Would teach students the value of working independently, as well as collectively enabling them to sow and reap the fruits of their labor- singularly and collectively
  • Would enable them to always be able to feed and sustain themselves and their families
  • Would not require one to be fashionably dressed; the more unfashionable the better!
 The care of a small animal (mindful of students with various allergies):
  • Would provide a smaller and even less helpless being for each and all to care for as a little community
  • Would allow students to focus on something other than self
  • Especially a dog, would provide unconditional love and companionship
  • Would assist students with building self-confidence; animals are accepting, accommodating and non- judgmental
  • Could assist with establishing and/or reinforcing desired characteristics, virtues and attributes - kindness, concern, patience, self-control etc., and etc.
Fixing the world or condition of the world will largely depend on the actions and hearts of man; as goes man, so goes the world!
In addition, I would like to thank the First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Michelle Obama for her extracurricular gardening experience with youth. The url which provides pictures of this endeavor has been included at the end of this post. Whether in regal bearing as a Lady and as First Lady of the United States; advocating on behalf of the men, women and families of the United States Military; becoming champion of a healthier nation; setting her distinct fashion signature; being friend and benefactress to many, or attorney, wife, mother and woman- she demonstrates and illustrates for all, “a woman’s unique ability of versatility.”
As a Reviewer of Authors’ Books and in context with today’s post, I have listed two authors and their book below. Each author’s work emphasizes the importance and difference an animal can make in an individual’s life; knowledge, experience and attributes one can derive from caring for an animal, and/or an animal’s love and devotion to its owner or caretaker.
Author Elaine Marlier- Without A Home (Series- small animal, cat and dog adoptions)
Author Barbara Techel- Frankie the walk ‘n roll therapy dog visits libby’s house
Note: Ms. Dorothy Barron spent 16 years as a volunteer within our private and public schools (appx.7-9 full-time); she provided students with activities and exposure to new and different experiences outside the classroom- gardening, planting trees, bowling, a one-day excursion to Washington, DC(many of which she and former husband contributed to or personally funded) etc., etc. Mrs. Barron served at least two consecutive years as 4-H Leader with a focus on Nutrition and approximately 2-3 years as Secretary and Member of a Fulton County Chapter Wildlife Action for Youth. She was also Co-founder and former Director of the Organization, Parents Focused on Education.
*Special thanks to each of the following: First Lady’s Fall 2010 Kitchen Garden Harvest; Let’s Move Blog - America’s Move to Raise a Generation of Healthier Kids from; First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama; Authors, Elaine Marlier and Barbara Techel whose book reviews can be found at:; Mr. P.J. Barron(Photographs); and “Kretzer Colie,” family pet of Mrs. Clara Kretzer.*

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author
                                 Fall leaves

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