Sunday, October 3, 2010

One Word which Sums up what Children Need Most by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

One Word which Sums up what Children Need Most by Mrs. Dorothy Barron
There is one word which sums up what our children need most and it is ~
Safe and Secure Environment- Whether home, school or elsewhere, our children need a safe and secure environment and as adults our objective should be to provide such.
Ease of Being a Child- If, we want them to become responsible adults, children must first be allowed to be children.
Care of Responsible Adults- As a parent, "no one is going to do for you what you should be doing for you own children" (Mrs. D. Barron). The key words being "…what you should be doing…."
Unique Experiences- Give children a foundation and unique experiences and they will surprise and even "wow" you.
Respect from Adults – as adults, we often get what we give and what we expect; not what we desire or ask for, but most often what we expect.
Individuality- Each and every child is different; each has potential and so many abilities.
Time- You need time to nurture and children need time to learn and grow at their own pace.
You- it does not get any simpler. Parents, they need "you" to teach them all the things that only you can. They do hear you! Remember those times when parents did not think we were listening to them as they spoke and possibly, we did not think so either. Now, as adults and/or parents, do you not recall and even repeat some of those very same things?
The one word which sums up what children need most - S E C U R I T Y

Mrs. Dorothy Barron
Former Co-founder & Director of Parents Focused on Education

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