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A Society Ingrained with Bullying by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

                     A Society Ingrained with Bullying by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

It appears that bullying in our schools has become a national crisis; it is not only a major problem within our schools, we are a society ingrained with bullying. A post was written earlier titled, Bullying and What You, the Parent can do about it! The post can be found at this link:

Children are the by-product of what they hear and learn from adults within society and because there is so much violence and bullying ingrained within society, perhaps lessons on civics which teach individuals to be good citizens— inclusive of integrity, values, responsibility and respect for self and others should be introduced at an early age, perhaps throughout Grades K-3rd. 

I do not recall how early the subject of History was taught at my school, but I do remember civic lesson although they were not termed as such or a part of the regular curriculum at that time. These simple “Lessons about Life” which the teacher spoke of generally took place on Friday afternoons and covered some aspect of life. The teacher did not force us to listen; she did not even ask that we close our books to the Subject at which we had been working.  We, at first thought we were getting out of school work, which to an extent we did; what we did not realize was those “Lessons about Life” were more important, information of great importance and that which would continue to impact us for the remainder of our lives. More often in the past, Parents taught lessons about life through/by example; and some teachers with their professional aplomb often explained those lessons about life, verbally.

Now some may complain the responsibility of teaching children to be responsible citizens are up to Parents, but when single or both Parents work 8, 12, or more hours per day (outside the home), certain important things (not to judge or criticize) will go lacking and often the responsibility of children shifted to others in most households.

Actually, the rearing of children is everybody’s responsibility, but it is important to keep in mind that our schools, which were at one time the extension of the home and community, were like-minded with like-minded individuals and goals, inclusive of a safer and more secure environment have for the most part changed profoundly.

In addition to the tips listed in the earlier post mentioned above, may I suggest you monitor that which your child watches on television and computer and take time to talk with your child about the actions which they view of adults and others within society; remember, children are the by-product of what they hear and learn first and foremost from adults and then each other often without having the maturity or mental aptitude to fully understand that to which they have been exposed.

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education


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