Friday, September 16, 2011

School Principal: Is Your School worth Saving? By Mrs. Dorothy Barron

School Principal: Is Your School worth Saving? By Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Principals, as you have begun the new school year, have you incorporated ways to insure that your school continues to remain open and functioning? You are the leader everyone looks to for direction.

The greatest asset to your school is Parents; they are decision makers for their children, they vote and they have a voice although many may not use either to their greatest advantage. They can become your greatest advocate, but cannot support you, your school or program if they are not knowledgeable about the educational process, informed, included and/or involved. As the education scene continues to change, do not keep Parents out of the loop any longer.

Even though Choice in Education abounds, there will always be room and a need for the public school setting. For most part the social ability factor here is unique. The public school setting brings individuals from diverse backgrounds; provide social human contact and the opportunity for students to maintain their individuality perhaps better here than in any of the other educational settings.  

Parents can be instrumental in keeping your school open and functioning. Listed are 8 (eight) things you can do to begin winning Parents’ cooperation and/or forging the school-parent relationship. Administrators, have a good school year!

ü  Have you gotten to know any of your Parents and what they do (occupations)? Some Parents deliver and pick up their children from school. Are you outside greeting those Parents in the mornings and/or afternoons?

ü  Is your school and environment pleasing and pleasant? When students and Parents enter their school, are the floors clean and the bulletin boards decorated and decorative? Are you and your staff professionally dressed?

ü  Have you met with the PTA/PTO President and each of you shared your school year goals?

ü  Do you support the PTA/PTO programs; do you and faculty attend PTA/PTO meetings? If you do not have a PTA/PTO, have you identified Parents who could become influencers?

ü  Have you extended an invitation for Parents to sit school committees?

ü  Have you asked Parents for their opinions/suggestions regarding school matters?

ü  When opportunities arise, do you support Parents and their children outside the school building?

ü  Are you cognizant of specific reasons Parents are not involved with their children’s education/school and what is your plan for getting and keeping Parents involved?

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Founder

Parents Taking Charge in Education

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