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Two (2) Additional Factors that Can Affect a Child's Learning by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Two (2) Additional Factors that Can Affect a Child’s Learning by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Often when we address the issue of barriers that adversely affect and hinder or prevent children from learning, we omit two that will be addressed on today. I have paired these two factors because they transcend socio-economic, racial and national boundaries.

Children of Drug Users and Addicts
From the mid 70’s up through the early 90’s, the use of unlawful drugs and drug users escalated to the point that drug wars occurred. Much emphasis was place on the effects to society from a social and economic standpoint, but not really in terms of the lives of children who were born to drug user and/or addicts.

During the 1980s, sociologist and others opted for discussion and finally warned that at some point in time, society would have to deal with the issue. To my recollection, as a society, we did not or at least not adequately or in a manner as benefiting this issue. The issue was summarily dismissed because the African American race was especially singled out. Of course, as many did then and society has been fully apprised of the fact since then that unlawful drug use and addiction transcended socio-economic, racial and national boundaries; such adversely affected or effected the entire nation in one form or another.

If one does the math, what would be the peak years for first and second generation children of drug users and/or addicts; what affect(s) does such have on a child’s learning and depending on the affects and effects, how do schools handle both the issue and child?

Effects of Electromagnetic Fields, Frequencies and Certain Energies
Most people are not aware of the adverse effects of Electromagnetic fields, frequencies and certain energies on both the environment and human beings. Some electromagnetic energy is part of our natural environment and other parts, manmade. The electromagnetic fields have continued to escalate with man’s advent of manmade products which emit electromagnetic energy and wireless technology. According to some who have studied this field, it has been documented that the human body can be adversely affected physically, neurologically and psychologically, as well as cell structure manipulation. 

It is my understanding that the most common devices that can be most hazardous are overhead power lines, cell phones and computers with the young and elderly being most affected and impacted. From a medical standpoint, some are attributing any number of medical symptoms (such as dizziness, lack of concentration, memory loss, queasiness, nausea, headaches, inability to sleep, unexplained pain, hyper-activeness and even more serious conditions) and unexplained medical conditions to and as a result of the effects of electromagnetic fields and certain energy.

We all understand that technology and wireless communications have and apparently will continue to dominate the future. Simply be cautious, ask questions and as Parents, become well-informed and educated about those things which affect your child/ren and how?
Note: Should you desire to read information about Electromagnetic Fields, Frequencies and Energies, google the terms.

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author & Founder
Parents Taking Charge in Education

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