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Seven Things Parents Desire and Expect from their Children's Schools by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Seven Things Parents Desire and Expect from their Children’s Schools by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Parents who are effectively involved in their children’s education have certain expectations of their children’s schools. Following are at least seven things most Parents desire and expect:

Ÿ  Their children to be taught by qualified educators and that their children learn – a qualified educator is one that knows his/her curriculum subject (s), can teach the subject and students can learn from the educator. He/she challenges students, but do not overwhelm them. It is better for students to obtain a foundation in which to build upon than to cram and pass rote standardized test with little to nothing to show for after 12 to 13 or more years.
Ÿ  Rich and enriching learning experiences for their children - learning can be fun and engaging; there are a plethora of materials and resources now available from many sources.
Ÿ  Their children to feel good and confident about their learning experiences within the classroom - there should be at least one subject or activity that excites and energizes each and every child so that he/she is eager to come to school.
Ÿ  A Return on their investment (ROI) - after investing in a child’s education and sending a child to school for 12-13 years, students should exit school with skills to enable them to financially support themselves and proceed with more formal learning should they desire.
Ÿ  Safe and secure school environments - both are imperative; without either learning is adversely affected.
Ÿ  A staff and faculty that genuinely care about their children, their well-being and education – one becomes most effective with students when you show and they know that you genuinely care about them, their well-being and education.
Ÿ  A staff and faculty that welcome Parents – there are numerous ways to welcome and involve Parents within your school and the education process. When they get there, make it a pleasant experience.

As a parent, are there other things that you desire of your child/ren’s school(s)?

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author
Parents Taking Charge in Education:

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