Friday, January 28, 2011

A Formal Welcome and Introduction to Parents Taking Charge in Education Blog by Founder and Author, Mrs. Dorothy Barron

A Formal Welcome and Introduction to Parents Taking Charge in Education Blog by Founder and Author, Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Greetings and Welcome, I am Mrs. Dorothy Barron; Founder of Parents Taking Charge in Education Blog. I look forward to meeting and becoming acquainted through and as a result of this blog with many parents as well as those who serve parents, students and our Education System.

Parents, this present era in which we live can present a great opportunity and change for both you and your child/ren in the area of Education; each child can learn and become educated in the optimum and most productive setting for him/her. Each child’s innate talent/ability; his/her imaginations and dreams with the assistance of the unlimited capabilities of the Internet are boundless.

Education is both political and big business, therefore as parents, you must become well-informed decisions makers, confident, educated about the education process and advocates for your child/ren to insure that each child receives the best and most positive learning experience. 

I have spent 16 years as a volunteer in the education arena- both private and public schools (7-9 fulltime); I have interacted and/or worked with all sectors involved and observed both positive and negative aspects of each sector. For my volunteer services in Education, our schools, Parents and community are found at this blog. Please do not become overwhelmed, my volunteer services list what I have done, not who I am.

Previous posts at this Blog, Parents Taking Charge in Education have provided tips to Parents and tips on parenting issues; parental school involvement and reasons why some Parents may choose non-involvement, as well as various levels of involvement and the stake of various sectors within our society as it relates to Education and our most precious resource- our children were discussed in a 6 Pt. Series.

Parent Taking Charge in Education has five mission objectives, which are to offer tips and tools to help Parents:# 1.and those who serve Parents and children with becoming more knowledgeable about the Education System; 2. make informed and more confident decisions about your child’s education; 3. become proactive advocates& resolve conflicts with Educators;
4. become a major part of the decision making process in Education as you work with your children and their schools and 5. become more effective at parenting.

You are encouraged to get involved in your child/ren’s education and/or school(s), but may not have been shown the most simple and effective ways to do so. Some parents hesitate to get involved for lack of not knowing where to start. You may be a grandparent raising a grandchild or non-custodial adult who have not interacted with a school since you or your children were school age. In order to be most effective, becoming involved in and with your child’s education and/or school is an acquired process. 

For those interested, please join me on next week as we begin assisting you with becoming informed, knowledgeable and more confident as you become or continue being a major part of the decision making process in your child/ren’s education and/or school(s). Next week, we will discuss “School Conferences. “ The following week, some tips and actual tools will be introduced.

Feel free to leave a comment or contact me via my e-mail address.

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author
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