Friday, December 17, 2010

Your Stake in Society's Most Precious Resource- Our Children by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Your Stake in Society’s Most Precious Resource- Our Children by Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Anything we deem precious receives special care and attention; we treasure and protect it and if there is a need for special conditions, those conditions are met in order to protect, sustain and maintain that we deem precious.

Our society’s most precious resource is its children, yet, there are those who claim they have no responsibility to or for children. A couple of reasons provided have been, since some chose not to have children, they should not be responsible for the care of those who do. Another reason provided, they have raised/reared their children and have no obligation to care for or be responsible for someone else’s child or children.

While I understand the logic, my response would be in the form of a question, “do you plan to continue occupying this earth?” If you answer yes, let me provide three reasons why you should not only be responsible, but involved with society’s children. 1) When you are aged(especially those who deemed not to have children) and no longer able to care for self, who do you think will be caring for you? 2) The children will one day become adults and leaders of this nation; you can make a difference as to whether they become ill-prepared or prepared leaders. 3) Our children will be tomorrow’s workers or workforce, all reasons why society in conjunction must insure that each child gets all that is needed for a high-quality and well-rounded education.

If still unable to see the big picture; simply view your assistance and nurturing society’s children as an investment in both your and their future. It is crucial that the right kind and amounts of investments occur. After all, we reap what we sow; investing in our most precious resource on today, will yield a return of a healthy, wealthy, educated, morally/spiritual and productive nation, both collectively and independently.

Next week, we will begin looking at various sectors within society and each’s stake in society’s most precious resource- our children.

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author
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