Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why Many Students Drop Out of School? By Mrs. Dorothy Barron

Why Many Students Drop Out of School? By Mrs. Dorothy Barron

“Education is Big Business and so is failure in education; albeit, a business we can no longer afford to fail in or at” (Mrs. Dorothy Barron).

Ever been on a job that was so unbearable to go to each and every day that you felt like screaming and knew you had to get out of there, leave immediately? In your case, you had choices; you could remain at your job or leave.

Imagine for a moment that same unbearable situation, only this time as a student. Many students are forced to go everyday to an unbearable place(school). They do not have a choice or at least, until sixteen(16) years of age and by that time a good part of the young person’s energy and potential has been wasted.

When a student begins to protests in the way(s) that he/she knows and rebels, his/her actions start a process within schools that puts the student on a fast track to and into the criminal justice system along with a constant reminder of a jail cell with his/her name written on it. Is there any wonder students are dropping out of school in droves; is there any wonder they bolt before or at sixteen(16) years of age? They can end up in jail on their own without schools channeling them there.

Too many adults do not realize that schools have changed even though many aspects exist of which most can identify. Society has come to rely on schools as a place to house students and look to educators to provide a babysitting service at least five days a week. For too many students:

·         By law, most must go to a place(school) wherein the environment and conditions seriously impede and are not conducive to learning. If animals were subjected to some of these same environments and conditions, widespread protests would occur.
·         They came eager with the wonder of learning; but such has long gone up in smoke and only ashes of dreams exist.
·         There was so much pressure to learn that unable to keep up, they only fall farther and farther behind. They will never catch up because they never got the rudiments/basics.
·         The education system is bent on the majority of students conforming to a certain hole or mold in spite of the fact that students learn in different ways, through different methods and at different times.
·         Our schools have not kept pace with society and in many ways students are more advanced and could actually teach us much. If in doubt, begin discussing internet technology/software, iphone applications, newest technology, and its use, etc., etc. Such gives some adults a headache, simply thinking about it( smile).
·         Their teachers are often overwhelmed and overburden; they must jump through “merit” hoops for pay instead of being paid a salary commensurate for the job.
·         They, nor their schools or classrooms have been provided or furnished with pertinent and necessary tools to enable a quality education. Often teachers, administrators and others have reached into their own pockets to fund what should have been forthcoming and provided by the education system and through school budgets.
·         Many carry burdens and responsibilities that are much too heavy for any child; then, he/she comes to school and incur more frustrations. Such would be too much for many adults. 
Many students understand the travesty of what continues to occur in education; they are simply tired of jumping through the hoops and reaching for the dangling carrot that is never within reach for the greater majority of students; thus, many have and will continue to leave, be forced and/or drop out of school by the droves.

Mrs. Dorothy Barron, Author

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